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Chicco, full name Chicco ??? is a thirty three year old anthromorphic Ragdoll Cat who is known to two shortswords in combat, compared to many others of his class use rapiers or other weapons. He is known to have no powers and is fast and agile while on the battlefield as well as being able to see in the dark. He is the mentor of a few characters such as Lucina and Raider to some extent.

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Chicco takes the appearance of a mitted Ragdoll Cat, standing at the height of four foot eight (4"8) and weighing seventy five kilograms (75kg). Chicco's fur is long, dense and plush and is a white color all over his body. He is known to have blue eyes, and has a black triangle shaped nose on his muzzle. His muzzle is known to be a white color and his eyes are joined together. He is known to be agile and thin as well as somewhat muscular for his age. He is known to have a V-shape marking between his eyes that is a grey color, and he has short and pointy ears that are grey colored with the insides of them being white.

Chicco has a tuft of fur from his chest downwards to his stomach, that is fairly plush and spiked up. His arms and legs are known to be grey and seem to be plush, as even has fur sticking out of his arms. His hands and feet are known to be white and start from his wrists and ankles downwards. He has a grey cat tail that is long and plush.


Chicco wears a red scarf around his neck, that is two tailed and reaches down his back. He wears a pair of sneakers, that are blue and black colored respectively with the soles being a grey color. He wears a black jacket that reaches down to his wrists and doesn't cover his fur on his chest. He also has two scabbards on his back for holding his shortswords, that cross over his chest in an X-shape.


Background Story:

Unstarted. I will write the background story after I get an Idea of how to write it. Ideas will be appreciated.






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