aka Metal

  • I live in Germany
  • I was born on September 8
  • I am Female


Hey Guys! It's me, Metal-Teccbad from DeviantArt.
Ava Metal

About Me

Name & Nickname


Favorite Sonic Characters

Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Metal Sonic, Chaos.

My Website and Art Base

My DeviantArt Page with more Art of: Sonic, My Sonic Characters, Other Own and Fan Characters, Cosplay, Crafts and more.

Favorite Anime, Manga & Games

Sonic, Devil May Cry, Disgaea, Alien vs. Preadator, Ao No Exorcist, Blood Lad, To Aru Majutsu No Index, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Megaman, Inuyasha, Digimon, Pokemon, Bloody Roar, Klonoa and a few more. <3


Anime, Manga, Games, RPG, Drawing, Cosplay (make them by myself), Karaoke (and make subs for Songs)}}

My Characters

Metal Teccbad

Syraco The Raptor

Splatter The Hyena

Karneol The Fruitbat

Despair Darkmind


Team Breakout (Syraco, Splatter & Karneol)

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