Memphis the light

aka Memph

  • I live in Somewhere
  • I was born on January 20
  • My occupation is I.T.
  • I am Male
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Just call me the strategist. (I love Shiroe-sama and he matches me so well~ <3)

Biographical Information
  • 23
  • No one
Romantic Interests
  • My RL girl.
  • Memph
  • Memphy
  • Meph
Team affliction
  • None
Physical Description
Species Humanoid/cat hybrid
Gender Male
  • hair: White with neon blue streak
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • dark trench coat
  • black shirt
  • Dark pants
  • Black combat boots
  • Mask
  • Chains
Abilities and forms
  • Kitty transformation
  • Ace trainer
  • Time shifting/warping
  • claws
  • Katana
Super Forms
  • Deruka mode
  • Uno mode
  • Lord of Darkness mode
Theme Song
そらる × じん(自然の敵P) カゲプロメドレー 【HD1080p】

そらる × じん(自然の敵P) カゲプロメドレー 【HD1080p】

Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days DLC Ash Skills

Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days DLC Ash Skills

Memph skill set (First three moves are my normal moves, Last two are Lord of Darkness imbued attacks. Not made by me)

Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days DLC Gig Skills

Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days DLC Gig Skills

Lord of Darkness mode Partial skill set (Refer to last 2 attacks from partial dark lord power ups) (Not made by me)

Instrument Profession
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • bass
  • Singer (Natural)
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Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

Team Hedgefan complete 5

Made some changes to it... Proud admin of Team Hedgefan!


Come brothers and sisters

let me sing you a song.

A tale about the darkness,

do you feel it is wrong?

Let the feelings sink in,

let the shadows flood like a storm

For we the BrotherHood of Discord

shall rise and claim our rightful Throne!

BHoD Members


If I do not respond in 20 minutes I am busy or off.

Doing: Nothing so get off my back.

Listening: Nothing

To do list: A lot of things that I pushed aside for awhile.

Mood: I am quite happy.

Thinking: Work, college, work, college, games, dreams, work. Lather, rinse, repeat


My Deviant account:

My Global Pokedex account:

Main Persona: Khaos Desuske

Main Fursona: Solarestro the Cosmic

Main character: Angeloz the Light Member and manager of BHoD (BrotherHood of Discord)

You can call me Memph...

I am Memph the Light. I have been a long running member of this great site and I will gladly point any new comer in the right direction. So do not be shy to approuch me and don't worry I am very nice. I hope any new comers can find a great time in this site like I have. So to sum it all up: Have a blast and make some good friends on here.

About Me

I ain't going to give my real name out any time soon so you can just call me Memph or Khaos whichever you like. I am 22 years old and do all the things one should at that age (nothing bad of course that's beneath me) I attend college and hope to Major in business admistration and minor in gaming so I can create my own games and share my imagination with the world. By day i work a humble part time job in the I.T. field but by night i'm usually scribbling away making new anime art for friends only now so i am usually tired by morning (Price to pay i guess oh well XD). I am humble and will always share my critic with anyone who asks and i believe that if one has a passion for something then go do your best at it (Hence why I am here ^_^) Also i am quite childish so i know how to have fun (gatta have fun too XD) and have a good perky attitude (Not to perky bleh :P) with people. So all in all what I am trying to say is I will make and share stories with any person and have a great time doing it so long as I have great people helping me out in the process ^_^

Things you should know about me

  • I will help out others because they help me. (Even if you don't help me or just plain hate me I will still help you)
  • I like the darkness but I have issues trying not to let it consume me. My online wify is keeping me in check though.
  • I may be nice but push me the wrong way by hurting my friends and family and I will F***ing knock you out.
  • I have barely survived a brutal beating because they thought I was someone else. >.> *sarcastic* Yay..... F*** them.
  • Those last two comments you just read is just a taste of how bad I can get if you want to mess with my pain.
  • I love it when people call me attention seeker. I laugh at it for I do not want attention I want to give it to people who need it more than me.
  • I feel that I don't want people to feel like I did.... they deserve better than me.
  • I used to be very very suicidal. (That changed big time with my time with you guys)
  • Pain, darkness, dispair, the feeling of lonelyness and having no one to truly love me... I have been through that mindset. Now I walk a path that will build me up and not knock me down.
  • I walk this path now for my online kids and to set a good example.
  • I will never lay a hurtful hand on my loved ones, even if they lay a hurtful hand on me.
  • Yeah I am thankful for my life now.... so thanks guys.
  • Disloyalty and being used disgusts me and hurts me alot.

I support

Pages that have my support ^_^

Team HedgeFan Sprite Database

Sega Syndicate




Class Schedule: just for you guys to know this is when i'm offline

None so far.

Characters and things I made so far

They are open for use on anyone's story but remember to credit me on thier creation that's all I ask.

Memphis the Light

Nencroz the E.O.N.

Trin the Cat


Genix the Hedgehog

Team Chaonic

Team DNA

Kuru the Succucat

Jort the Hedgehog

Crono the Cat and Ragnorik the Demon

Memphilmes the Corrupt

Omaga the Wolf

Medusa the Witchcat

Onorc the Blackblood

Navro the Hedgehog

Kelsa the Wolf

Benzene the Hedgehog

Oblivion the Hedgehog

Armaja the Hedgehog


Angeloz the Light

Memphimas the Corrupt

Memphis the Kid

The Shining Family

Khaos Desuske

Zenix the Corrupt

Angelaz the Light

Kana the Hedgehog

Memph's Character Tier List

Wresk the Hedgehog

Vincent the Incubus

and alot more just check my page Memphis' creations

Characters and things i'm working on

Kid the Hedgehog + Pat and Liz the Siscats

Hextok the Hedgehog

Alek the Hedgehog

Neryo the Hedgehog

Rose the Cat

Neo the Cat

Genok the Hedgehog

Tiny the Bat

Ami the Bunny

Anton the Crow

Memphia the Light

Team Ionic

and more to come...

Honorary Character's

These are characters who I have been allowed to use.

Selenia (Lights character)

Mordrid the Dark Sun (Makuta's character)

Matthias the Shining Darkness (Makuta's character)

Uruk the Phazon Being (Makuta's character)

Why I am here

I joined because I love sonic and I have plenty of characters and plots to make.

I want to be able to provide characters to the public because i love helping people increase thier story telling potential.

All i ask is for credit for my characters other than that have fun with them.

I know there are critics but i take them as people who can give me advice even if it was implied in bad spirits.

I am here to make friends with fellow fans and story tellers

All in all im here to have fun.




Sonic universe,

Hearing compliments,

Hearing critics (some comments make me lolz ^_^)

Trying to improve others and myself.



Recieving no credit for my works,

Being mean spirited,

Not practicing my storytelling,

Not helping others.

Horrible grammar.


Being used.

Using people.

Unrequeited love...

Gaming Feats

COD1 and up-defeated and high rank prestige... piss me off in thier and i will shotty you.

All sonic games to date-Pwned ( Waiting on colors)

Soulcal-Destroyed XD (Don't fear the reaper just fear mah scythe)

All mario games to date- done and done

Pokemon- done with all of them plus shinies ^_^ (Just waiting on Y version now.)

Gears- Hahaha uber pwn (I will chainsaw people who troll me and piss me off)

and really anything else i like has been obliterated... so now i'm bored till new games come out.

Super smash bro's Brawl- Four words: Don't mess with me (rank by my best characters 1. Meta knight, 2. Snake, 3. Falco, 4.Dee dee dee for lolz)

Marvel vs. Capcom three- (Rank: 7th lord) I will be coming back into the game during my vacation with my new terrible trio team. I intend to be 3rd lord by the end of the vacation.

UMVC3 - First Lord

Smash 4 - 200+ wins, 27 losses.


Overall i'm a fair and nice guy happily sharing my work with others and hoping they can benefit from it (again so long as i recieve due credit can't stress that enough). I want to see this place grow into a great wiki and will help out in any way to do it. I am generally I help you and you help me, Oh and I am here to have fun and let other people have fun so i won't "Troll" so no worries on that part ^_^. well that's enough back to making more characters.


KHGenesis651 SUPER NOVA (First Friend here ^_^)

Mewkat14 (Recoloring Expert)

Artemis (Just plain epic ^_^)

Sonicfan919 (Cool dude and cool characters)

ShimatheHedgehog (Hopefully soon my art master)

RandomFlab 2 (Master of Sprites)

Xabior (Awesome RPer)


Amyrose (Like a little sister to me)

GoldtheHedgehog (A must friend to have if you want to Rp ^_^)

Makuta294 (Like a little brother to me)












Manta-bee (one of the few people who I allow to see the true none sugary me)

Lightning2315 (A loved one, She is like a daughter to me <3)

Smash The Echidna

Hikaru (A loved one, I just love her simple as that <3)

Shamisen - I'm a bat,chuu!







DestinyHeart (Delete this if you would like to be my friend or delete my name if you don't)

You can add your name here if you wanna be my friend. I am not picky

Man I have made alot of great friends here I am so happy ^_^


If your on this list... you have a long ways to go to get my Respect.

MetalDharak : Lucky I give people plenty of chances....

Fanfic in process

Here is my plan on a fanfic that im ganna do

OverDrive Chronicles:

The story is going to have Memphis The Light and Trin the Cat be the two main protaganists. They will be exploring the world infected by the GX Gene which allows the carrierers to unlock hidden elemental powers within them reaching super like status, but with restrictions. If anyone wants me to add their characters to my story i'd be much obliged but till then i got a lot to work on for the plot.

Character I intend to have in it:

Memphis the Light

Trin the Cat


Mazda the Hedgehog and Ookamoni the Wolf

Robbie the HedgeBoy

Gold The Hedgehog (Maybe Gold can earn a new power here,she usaully does. Like in Sonic Fan Heroes she earned Memphis Gold form)- hehe i smell OverDrive Gold XD but you never know- Memphis

you can add your characters here if you want them to be included till then more to come.


OverDrive Acheived 3 minute time limit activated

Soul Mind Body

Corrupted is my soul Pure is my mind.

Create and destroy that is my life.

Memphis creator of light

Symmetry is everything! Death-the-kidd-render

Amuse me or die! Memphis Bored sprite

I am a demon and an angel!

I will never fade...

Code E. O. N.

Memph the Lord of Darkness.

Can't mess with my classics. Memphy

Trolls be hatin my swag. J

MemphEvil Dark Crat at your service 182004 512x288 generated

Time is all we have 


Here are my art pieces I have done.

and an angel!</font>]] "> [[Category:Memphis's Gallery of creations|<font color=

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