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  • I live in California
  • I was born on September 25
  • I am Female
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Fat emo girl. I might just be the weirdest person you've ever met. I also don't get off my butt for any reason than to get more food, which is usually unhealthy.<br>
*Being tortured
*Eating junk food
*Flaunting my unapologetic, spoiled behavior
*Sadistic lovers *drool*
*Suck-ups and people who only want to get to know me because they "feel sorry" for me. That's not the reason you should want to get to know me, try harder!
*Genuinely nice guys. Sorry, but I am completely unimpressed by kindess and would rather have brutal honesty thrown at me.
==Lookie what I did!==
==Lookie what I did!==

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Lookie what I did!

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