Manik Needlemouse, known in real life as Ramses, is a user on Sonic Fanon Wikia.


Ramses is a kind and caring person, frequently described as girly by those who know him well, and also by those who have only observed him from afar.


Ramses' greatest ability is his artwork, a trait he shares with many of his friends. He's able to draw in both anime and american animation styles.

Fan Characters

Manik Needlemouse (main char/fursona)

Jewel the Acrobat

Carly the Racoon

Cliff the Echidna

Beryl the Gaurdian

Mari-Lu the Echidna

Marley the Hamster

Noir the Thief

Kori the Squirrel

Bob the Iguana

Kaede the Chameleon

Beth the Crocodile

Charmy Bee (Charmy's grandson)

Decebal, Manisha, and Ismene

Panache the Hedgehog

Jane Vulper

Other Websites

Manik on Deviantart -

Me and my friends' webcomics -


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