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Hello there! You seem to have stumbled upon my profile page. In that case, welcome! You get to see my info now, you lucky dog.

Places you can find me, stalker

  • 3DS Friend Code: 4012-4759-4586
  • Steam: awesomedan2
  • Twitch: MalikTH
  • Xbox Live: MinecraftGuy012
  • Gmail: Ask in private, and only if I know you personally

About Me

  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation: Busser and dishwasher at a restaurant that serves really good food
  • Attire: Anything I have that fits and doesn't look stupid, I wear. Even if it doesn't match. Unless it's a special occasion, of course.

Stuff I Like

  • Video Games
    • Sonic (duh, I'm here)
    • Smash Bros
    • Pokémon
  • Some books
    • The Maze Runner series
    • Captain Underpants, for some strange and unknown reason
  • Music
    • OSTs, like Sonic and Kirby
    • A tiny bit of hard rock
  • Food, yum
    • Pizza, mainly sausage
    • Kielbasa sausage (I don't think that's how you spell it)
    • Mac 'n Cheese

My Articles

Things I (plan to) use frequently are in bold.



  • Malik the Hedgehog: After surviving the Perfect Chaos incident, Malik has took it upon himself to help others whenever they are in need.
  • Frost the Wolf: After surviving the Perfect Chaos incident, Frost looks upon Malik with a degree of respect and has assisted him in many of his adventures.
  • Hendrik the Echidna (requested and owned by PirateGuy3001): Having washed up on the shores of Emerald Coast and found by Malik and Madi, he longs for adventure over the seven seas.
  • Madi the Fox (requested and owned by PirateGuy3001): After her grandmother died weeks after her birthday, she lived alone. Then Malik came, and everything had changed, starting with finding Hendrik.


  • 11/9/2015: Joined after quitting Fan Character Wiki
  • 11/18/2015: 50 edits! Yay!
  • 7/14/2016: Returned after an eight-month hiatus.
  • 8/2/2016: 100 edits!
  • idk: 150 edits!!