DO NOT USE MY CHARACTERS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!!!! However, if you ask, and i trust you enough, then i probably will let you. but please ask first. My fancharacters are as follows:

Lucky the Hedgehog

Dia the Hedgebird

Demon the Hedgechidna

Terasan the Stalwart

Flastra the Angry

Colesta the Cold

Flurras the Emotional (Page is titled Flurras for now)

Rivaria the Emotional (Page is titled Rivaria for now)

Zinsal the Quick

Foranto the Peaceful

Muerta the Sentient (Page does not exsit and if ever made, he will not be used by others due to how powerful he is. He was made for the sole purpose of being the villian for my rp of True Chaos. He does has a drastic weakness, his senses are duller than any other character and when at full power every 50 seconds he is frozen in time for 50 seconds)

Zelfilesaga the Evil (Not too overpowered but i certianly do not plan to let others use him due to the potential of him becoming overpowered. his weakness is that when he copies a power, he forms an energy like. if contaminated energy flows into him, it's like poison)

Garasion the Great (He's probably the only overpowered character i'll use in other rps, but even then, i'll use only a De-powered version. So this entry applies to 2 seperate fcs. The True Chaos Roleplay-specific fc and the normal rp one. So until the page of his balanced version is posted, he is not avaliable to be borrow)

Doomtress the Hedgehog

Emerald the Hedgehog

Flame the Hedgehog

Gaia the Hedgehog


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None. It's very hard to upset me.



Randomflab12 (Think i got the name right... sorry if i didn't)





Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Dragonball Z

Dragonball GT (Too short though)

Ghost Adventures

Man vs Food

Don't Care For

Almost every cartoon network show EXCEPT for the first season of pokemon and tom and jerry.

Video Games


Sonic 2006 (Has some problems but overall works well)

Sonic Adventure Rush

Left 4 Dead 2

Soul Caliber 3

Super Mario Galaxy

Pokemon (All of the main series one)

Pokemon Colleseum 2

Fable 3

Fable: Lost Chapters

Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 5

Final Fantasy 4

Final Fantasy 2

Final Fantasy

Tales of Legendia

Tales of the Abyss

Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2

Metroid Prime (All of them)

All Sonic Games

Megaman Zero Games

Top 5 Boss Battles (Fave & Hated)


1. Enuo (FF5, Guy will absolutely own you if you don't do everything right)

5. Chaos (FF1, Plenty difficult in all version and has awesome final battle theme)

4. Schwartz (Tales of Legendia, Extremely Difficult & Epic)

2. Solaris (Sonic 2006, Epic as all heck)

3. Dark Gaia (Xbox 360 Sonic Unleashed, Epic as heck & Difficult)


1. Final Boss of Fable 2 (Fable 2, Honestly? This is NEXT-GEN!!! This guy is freaking easier than Bowser from Mario Bros. 1!!!)

5. Leader of that one group from Pokemon Colleseum (I swear, his pokemon are bugged. I can't even beat him with type match-ups & higher levels v.v)

2. Sewer Boss from Ghostbusters (This boss follows the common rule of "Turn Off Button Here")

4. Puppet Ganon (Legend of Zelda: Windwaker,... need i say more than "No Strings Attached" and "Turn Off Button Here"?)

3. Dimentio, Final Form (Super Paper Mario, *Sigh* i've beaten this guy without getting hit, and i found Count Bleck to be at least 3 times harder than this guy)

Characters (Offical)

Favorite (Top 5)

1. Sonic the Hedgehog (If i didn't like sonic, why would i be here?)

2. Shadow the Hedgehog (shadow's the hedgehog that will do anything sonic won't yet manages to stay a hero. how does he do it?)

3. Lloyd Irving (Stupid but heroic, as well as a master swords... also becomes the most god-modded character and is the easiest to control. How can you enjoy tales of symphonia without him (well i suppose there's Kratos but meh)

4. Silver the Hedgehog (The target of many idiotism and noob jokes have earned a spot here, simply because of how funny he is in flash movies )

5. Cloud Strife (He has a huge fricking sword. he is strong. he uses magic decently. he has a brain. he is heroic. The only downside? he has a pretty boy rival and he acts like a depressed teenager. He still earns a spot though)

Hated (Top 5)

1. Lucien (Fable 2 (finally remembered his name), Easy as heck to beat... and his reason for villiany is pathetic)

2. Peach (Mario franchise... and seriously? she gets kidnapped more often than the joke Pingas is used!)

3. Dark Lord (Sword of Mana... okay, honestly, character is fine, but... jeez... really? it's like he's not even trying to hide that he's a villian >>)

4. Chris Thorndyke (Sonic X... and because he's useless and annoying as heck. plus, he's far too obssessive)

5. Maria Robotnik (Sonic Franchise... and the reason i don't like her is she serves little more than a plot device. I mean they never even expand on her character for crying out loud. However, if they did, then she'd be replaced with #6 who ties)

6. Main Character from game Bully (Alright, the obvious reason is said plainly. he's a bully. i hate bullies. However, at least he has the choice to do what the games name implies, whereas maria only serves as plot device)

Other Forums I'm In


Sonic Blitz

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I have not made any Fanfiction, but i am planning on doing several.

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Rpg Invites/Invitations

The reason this is here is, because i'm going to post my invitations for rping to others and what i've been invited to here. If you'd like, you can post the invititation right here.

Roleplays Status

This section here is to show what rps are ready to rp that i've made and what fanfics are currently being made.

True Chaos

Ready to begin anytime, has been started

Legend of the Chaos Emeralds

Chapter 1 complete

Chapter 2 complete

Chapter 3 complete

Chapter 4 started

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