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my self

Full name:Michael Joeseph Elliott

birthdate:12th august 2000

relathionship status:single for 12 years and still counting 



favorite band:Imagine Dragons

favorite sonic character:either Fang the Sniper or Charmy Bee

favorite tv show:Robotboy or Little Howards big question or avatar the last airbender




Speedy the hedgehog

Reeper the hedgehog

Archer the hedgehog

Armod the stoat and Brimston the dragon

Kate the cat (deaseased)

Chris the seagull

Nathan the chinchilla

Miri the short-tailed chinchilla

Douglas the wolf

Doug the hedgehog

Kong the monkey

The Crimson Whisper

Bad Guys:

Zoom the hedgehog

Death the hedgehog

Tom O' Hawk the hedgehog

Metal Speedy

Exsisting characters i use:

Nazo the hedgehog (bad)

My Pictures

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