aka Just call me, "Neo" or "Hae-Won"

  • I live in Olivine Town, In 'Murica, In Texas
  • My occupation is Saren's Master, lol, JK, I'm a student
  • I am Female

Hi, I'm Leo55566 or as i'm known in chat, "Neo" I'm a huge fan of korean music most notably, Girls Generation and BIGBANG. At first, i can seem sky but, as i get to know you more, i become more talkative to the point i ramble. I also like to bake and sometimes when i'm in chat i'll leave for a second to whip up something.


I guess i consider Saren the Dark Lynx, a friend, he's nice, caring, and i've jokingly been shipped with him in chat. Saren also has amazing character and he's one of main people who inspired me to create my character

Akrivus, i can't forget Akrivus, who's gonna be the next Steve Jobs and having the brain of a computing prodigy, well, he could go far


I have my main, Neo Miyagi Sakura who's married to Saren the Dark Lynx's main, Saren

I also have characters for another series, Lion's Light which take place after Neo and Saren

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