Kinomi 'Sapphire' The Hedgehog

aka Alexandria D. Brown


MY Work in 3D

I work in 3dmax for a few weeks and im pretty good at it too like second life but the Program is much advanced than any other program i used. One of my first one's was the Hamburger ad, At school and the second time, a pokeball. lol

Pokeball 3dxmax

The project of the pokeball i did recently right now.

Kinomi 'Sapphire' The Hedgehog

First time modding a Amy Rose modal into Kinomi 'Sapphire'. All textures are modded too and did some extra things like the zipper and mouth. The panties are not suppose to be white(having trouble with textures of undies.)

Master emerald shrine

a cheap replica in 3dmax.

Couch and table 3d

A couch i made in 3D MAX still in progress the house anyway

Swiss army knife

my second project so its mione

My Signature: Kinomi 'Sapphire', The Albino Hedgehog

Who I am... Xp

I'm A Gamer, a Nintendo Gamer anyway XD ever since at age 5 when I started playing StarFox 64 lol. and A Sonic The Hedgehog Artist. Right now I want to be A 3D Animator/Character Designer someday. As a child and today, I always draw a lot, on paper, books, floors, people, and on the computer. Many Ideas on my head, new stories, new characters, and more. I even make characters for others just for fun.


I have a lot of friends here, but i dont know how to fix it around.

  • Sunny The Hedgehog
  • Tails6000
  • NeroTheHedgehog
  • Twilightwizard0309
  • Tailsman67
  • sonic1000

And so forth that all I know of.


i only have one here and its the only who recolored Gyro 'Gerald Shade' Robotnik The Hedgehog, (copyright of Lu-Raziel )

  • Nikkiprock

My Work on The Characters

Everyone of my characters are made special in every moment in my life

  • Princess Kinomi 'Sapphire' The Hedgehog
  • Kite 'Kaito' Prower The fox
  • Cher-Ri The echidna
  • Angelo The Vampire Bat
  • Cloud James Prower The Fox
  • Celesta Prower The fox
  • Emilee The Hedgehog (male character)
  • Millimina 'Milly' Prower The Fox
  • Prince Alexzander The hedgehog
  • Beezy The Bee
  • Vicktoria The Crocodile
  • Alice The Hedgehog (decesced Queen in the furture)
  • Boris Robotnic (not a typo)
  • Quicksilver the hedgehog (ex-king of Future Mobuis)
  • Eve The wolf
  • Clairee the Rabbit
  • Episolon The Chameleon
  • Bow 'Apple Ichigo' The Hedgehog
  • Kiki McSketch The lynx
  • Kin-Chow The Panda
  • ??? The Hedgehog

SonicXD: One Hedgehog's Destiny and KinomiSX: Future Heroes; More stories

One Hedgehog's Destiny

This story is the beginning or introduction of Kinomi's appearace in my Sonic Comic/ Manga.

The characters

  • Kinomi 'Sapphire' The Hedgehog
  • Sonic the hedgehog
  • Amy Rose Hedgehog
  • Tails 'Miles' Prower Fox
  • Knuckles The Echidna
  • Shadow the hedgehog
  • Maria Robotnik The Hedgehog
  • Rouge The Bat
  • Cream The Rabbit
  • Vanilla The Rabbit
  • Cheese the chao
  • Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik
  • Decoe
  • Becoe
  • Bokkun

Minor Characters

  • Kin-Chow The Panda
  • Jin-Po The Panda
  • Momoko The Brown Bear
  • Mao The Panda
  • Tin-Lee The Panda
  • Alexander The Wind Tamer (Jackel)
  • BloodPetal The Chameleon
  • Boulder The Grizzly Bear

Characters in KinomiSX: Future Heroes

The series/sequal of SonicXD. Kinomi returns to the future, thanks to Sonic and her friends with the chaos emeralds. Now as she went back and visit the city, Future Mobotropolis, Everything turned upside down. Kinomi has been captured by the Mobian Knights/Guards, mistakened as a BloodFang Vampire, because of her scarf. Now her only hope lies with her Aunt, Queen Aleena The Hedgehog.

the contest pic i did last year but this was my first practice in Computer art. Now Today some of the characters are redesigned.


Minor Characters

Infomation later

Movies and Shows I love

  • Alice in Wonderland (new/old i dont care i love it XD)
  • Totoro
  • Nemo (not the d**n fish movie XD)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie
  • SonicX (it was okay but Chris is a bulls**t character and the plant people sux except Cosmo -3-)
  • Chowder
  • Misadventures with Flapjack
  • Phineas and Ferb (best show ever in disney XD)
  • SaTam Sonic The Hedgehog ( my fav. is Blast to the Past)
  • Alice Academy (best anime evers)
  • Courage the Cowardly dog
  • Ponyo

Shows and movies i hate/lil hate

  • Adventure time (now they just had no idea but kinda funny.... i miss flapjack)
  • SonicX (yea i did it again so what)

Art/ Online Family

Brothers: afterhumanity333, Blueblur Chrome, and Telsa

Sisters: Sonicfanatik and Nova-Galaxy

Fav. Artists not in order

  1. Tracey Yardely
  2. Bbmbbf (FA and DA)
  3. Keira Winstanley (DA)
  4. Lu-Raziel aka Louise F. Anderson (DA)
  5. Afterhumanity333 (FA) - brotherly bond
  6. Sonicfantik (FA) - Sister bond
  7. Sonic-Beyond (DA and FA)
  8. Nancher (FA and DA)
  9. Zeta-0R2 (FA and DA)
  10. Purity (FA and DA)
  11. Nova-Galaxy (FA and DA) -like a sister to me, great nintendo artist-
  12. BlueBlur Chrome (Best Male Hedgehog builder in SL)
  13. Telsa (FA) -creator of The Newgrounds game: The Rise of Robotnik (no kids allowed)- Brotherly bond
  14. James-Miller (DA) - 3D modelist make sonic chatacters from 3DMAX and puts them in Gary mod

Fav. Fan Characters

  • Telsa and Telsie The Hybrid Hedgehog
  • Summer and sunny the Hedgebunny
  • Alexander The Wind Tunner (jackal)
  • Zash The Hedgehog
  • Braux The Hedgehog
  • Gyro 'Gerald Shade' Robotnik The Hedgehog
  • Ember Robotnik The Hedgehog
  • Gizmo The Hedgehog
  • Gadget The Hedgehog
  • Nova The Hedgecat
  • Avon The Hedgecat

Kinomi Fans = Perverts/Amy Rose WeeBee's

I got people on my back that love Kinomi 'Sapphire' The Hedgehog so much that they tend to do Mature Pictures, or flirt with me on MSN; Also Sexual Rps, pretty annoying all the time.

Videos made by me and My/other people's pics

Kinomi 'Sapphire' The Hedgehog Music video

Kinomi 'Sapphire' The Hedgehog Music video

Kinomi's theme song -no vocal-

Recoloring Amy into Kinomi the Hedgehog

Recoloring Amy into Kinomi the Hedgehog.wmv

A pic video of Apricotvixen trying to trace Amy rose to Princess Kinomi 'Sapphire'

The Princess and the pea the Full movie (mobian story and a very lame one too)

The Princess and the pea the Full movie (mobian story and a very lame one too)

The first long animation of the Misadventures with Gyro and Ember But wasnt fully completed... anyway enjoy this sorry that the words are n the way but its trial and this one took me 3 days to do it.

Muddy Fault

Muddy Fault

a lil animation of a girl who doesnt want to get dirty

Ball vs stick figure

Ball vs stick figure


Bunmi and the jet pack

Bunmi and the jet pack

another lame animation

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