Kelothan/Sonic Revolution X
Created by Kelothan
Writer(s) Kelothan
No. of episodes 12 and counting
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-Y7/TV-14

Sonic Revolution X is a story by Kelothan, telling the usual tale, with several other franchises joining in.

Plot Overview

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters fight to topple the Eggman Empire. Featuring special guest appearances from some famous cartoon characters, this first arc asks, Who are the Ancients?

Fictuous Voice List

Character Voice Actor
Sonic Roger Craig Smith
Tails E.G. Daily
Bunnie E.G. Daily
Antoine Yuri Lowenthal
Fiona Jodi Benson
Rotor Trevor Devall
Sally Mae Whitman
Nicole Kath Soucie
Knuckles Phil LaMarr
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock
Snively Tom Kenny
Jules Ryan Drummond
Chuck Jim Cummings
Hunter Robin Atkin Downes
Nic Cree Summer
Alicia Acorn Kath Soucie
Dusk Maryke Hendrikse
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