I'm Kapus.

I don't really contribute to this site anymore, as I am no longer that interested in Sonic fanon. I am a sibling of Smash The Echidna, a well known contributor of this wiki. I was invited by him to join plenty of RPs on this site at some point, but due to being busy, unable to keep up with the rapid updates, and simply losing interest, I never ended up doing anything. Pity, as it seems pretty hard to come by an RP with a decent plot and setting on this wiki.

I have one page on this site. It is horribly dated and even more horribly unfinished. I intended to come back and finish it but at this point I don't see any need or reason to.

I occasionally come by to look at weird/bad pages on this site and either poke fun at them or try to offer genuine criticism (usually the former). Sometimes if I'm really bored I'll drop by the chat and see what happens there. Otherwise, I'm not really here. Wonder what's the point in me having a page, then? I guess I enjoy writing about myself to some degree.

I was part of the roleplay "Odyssey" at some point, but I kinda fell out of it since I couldn't keep up. Not sure what became of that story, really.

Don't call me "Hyper the Hedgehog," please. I hate it and my account name change never properly worked.

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