Julia Finitevus

aka Cortana Hansen ( and Discord)

  • I live in The Wiki
  • My occupation is Writer, artist, etc., etc.
  • I am Female


Cquote1 He really should have stolen the whole book because the warnings... the warnings come after the spells. Cquote2
Doctor Strange

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Hi there! I'm Julia Finitevus, but you can call me Julia, Julie, Jules, Cortana, or Finitevus. Whatever works.

 Other Places You Can Find me On 

My Discord username is Cortana Hansen#5309, so if you're a friend of mine and you ever wanna chat with me, you know where to look. Also for those of you who want to find me on Fanfiction.Net, just click/tap here: Cortana Hansen

You can also find me on the following wikis:

The Simpsons Hub WikiThe Machine WikiXophPsycho's UniverseStar Trek Fanon Wiki, X-Men Fanon Wiki, Memory DeltaAnimaniacsfans_WikiStar Wars Fanon WikiLara-Su Chronicles (Alternate Multiverse) Wiki, Crossovers, Halo Fanon Wiki, ReCore, Ratchet and Clank Fanon Wiki, Lunari's Fanon Hub Wiki, my talk page

Here's some info about me:

Likes: Echidnas, Sonic, Ratchet and Clank, Inspector Gadget (yeah, I know what you're gonna say and I don't care), Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Marvel...

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My profile picture. Xoph does great artwork!

Julie-Su2 (1)

Secondary Profile Pic

Jerks, flamers (especially those who go by the name "Ass-Backwards." Wtf kind of name is that anyway?), spammers, you name it. Also, I am a Pokemon hater. Sorry, Pokemon fans, but that's just the way I am. But I like Sonic, although my absolute favourite character is Dr. Finitevus.

Gender: Look at the top of the page, smart noob! Kidding, I'm kidding! You're not a noob.

Species: Varies from time to time.

Age: Forget it, buster. You aren't learning this one.

Favourite Food: Hmm... sushi and Italian food. Unclear enough for you?

My Co-editor: the puppy that's usually in my profile pic. (Not really, but I thought it would make this kinda funny). Speaking of my profile picture, I'll probably occasionally cycle between the one with Chloe-Su and the one with Julie-Su.

Reasons I might not update stuff for a while:

1. I'm dealing with higher priority things

2. The power is out at my house and won't be back online for a while due to trees knocking down power lines (or power line poles)

3. I'm grounded

4. I'm on vacation

5. The internet crapped out on me again

6. I'm sleeping, eating, or playing with my dogs

7. I'm drawing and/or writing

8. I'm doing school stuff.

9. I'm helping my mom make my dad a surprise...

And that's all, folks! Have a great day! Oh, one last thing:

My Main Continuitys: Julia Finitevus's Continuity, Reboot Timeline

My Schedule: Varies greatly

Current Mood: Varies greatly.

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Sonic Fanon Wiki Relationships

Best Friends (No Particular Order)

  • Reens- She's really nice and has some awesome stuff. Need I say more?
  • Clairebear165- Claire's pretty awesome too. :) She's fun to rp with, and has plenty of jokes up her sleeve.
  • Celestia879- Same as above. She's got some pretty cool stuff herself.
  • XophPsycho- pretty much my best friend out of my long long list of best friends, lol.
  • Chamesthehero- He's nice, super helpful, got lots of awesome stuff, etc. Everything you could possibly ask for in terms of a friend and a great Administrator.
  • Speedy- Speedy is nice and extremely funny at times. We haven't talked in a little while, though.
  • Juely- we don't talk much, but he's nice.
  • Darkest Shadow- I don't know him all too well, though he's pretty friendly!
  • YoungEezy27- he and I rp now and then in chat. Would like to get to know him better! :)
  • Frost- I'd like to get to know Frost a bit better.
  • Max- he's a pretty nice person to talk to and I like his characters.
  • Leeprower1012- he's a nice guy, and his characters are adorable! :)
  • Phantom of the Opera- he's fun to talk too, nice guy, likes my profile picture, and has some great characters. Need I say more?

Somewhat Neutral (No Particular Order)

  • Detective SkullWolf- He and I don't see eye to eye on some things. He's nice though and offers good constructive criticism! :)

Not Sure


  • TheDarkMantis15- he seems to have gone offline or something, which is a darn shame. Despite not having been on the best of terms, last time we spoke, I'd have liked to gotten to know him better. 
  • Chica Nunnally- she was one of my closest friends on the site. I hope she comes back someday.
  • Edgy Waffle- I didn't know her very well, but she was nice. I haven't seen her for a long time though.
  • Lunari64- I haven't seen Lunari for a while either.... :(
  • NeoBionicWarrior- he's... I dunno. We're definitely not friends, that's for sure. Just... some things happened a long time ago that I'd rather not mention, so don't ask. Tbh, I'm glad he's not around anymore, as far as I know.

People I Don't Like

Trolls, sockpuppteers, and flamers (you know who you are, a-holes!)

Sonic Fanon Wiki Jobs

  • Chica Nunally's ex-Co Editor/Author
  • Story Writer
  • Artist
  • Roleplayer (when I feel like it)

Stuff I Hate

  • Pokemon (sorry Pokemon lovers. It's literally a family tradition.)
  • Drop Dead Diva:TV show (I used to like it, but then it turned into a soap opera. Now I hate it.)
  • Politics (I hate, no, I positively loathe politics! The reason for this?... corruption, that's what!)
  • Spammers (no exceptions!)
  • Idiots (no exceptions!)
  • Womanizers (NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  • Flirting (I think it's just plain dumb)
  • Discrimination of "old fashion" anything (there is no "new fashion" or "old fashion". It's all in your head!)
  • Rap music (NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  • Sex anything in media, NO EXCEPTIONS! (Why do you ask? None of your business!)
  • Conformity (Why do you ask? I like being an individual. That's why.)
  • Discrimination of people (why, do you ask? Because everyone is someone. But throughout history, no one seems to have truly realised that.)
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