"The Only way to win is by Strategy." ---Joshua the Hedgehog, 2015

Greetings everyone, I am Joshua the Hedgehog, the creator of The Jkirk Federations, along with other content, and the Founder of this Wiki.

If you ever feel like contacting me, then either leave a message on the Message Board, or get me on Skype/Steam, which ever you prefer.

Skype: Live:warjoshua10

Steam: Jkirk_Federations_JTH

Xbox Live: Jo5htheHedgehog

Estimated Relations with Anyone on Wikia (Users, not Characters)


Saren the Dark Lynx: We both have some interesting characters, soooo Yeah. o3o

SusantheHedgehog16: A Really Great Wiki Friend of Mine. -3-

SonicKnucklesFan92: Another great Wiki friend of Mine, very good one, too. Support her Gunma Series, Damnit! XD

DUBSTEPXSonic: We're good Wiki friends, we're also friends on Xbox Live, who knew? .3.

The Bismarck/Nubis William III: Awesome. Enough said. XP

Josh the Hedgehog: Good lord, that's some stylish character's you got there. o3o


The Black Dragon of Orihara (otherwise known as SolariusFlare): Ehhh our relationship is pretty much variable.

Alexneushoorn: He has roleplay potential, but he just needs to work on it. He thinks we don't get along much (I disagree. o3o, and we commonly roleplay together.

JaredtheFox92: I think he's a little experienced wih Military Tactics, and has some good Characters/Factions. However, this guy has more ego than freakin' Sonic. o3o



Nickolasds: Words cannot even DESCRIBE on how much of an... you know what? I have no words.

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