Josh the Hedgehog

aka Yoshiya Fukami

  • I live in my savagery
  • I was born on October 4
  • My occupation is deciding your fate
  • I am the Trumping Savage God
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The Trumping Savage God of Apollo who obliterates ballshat godmodders welcomes an innocent user such as yourself to his little personal haven! I am User:Josh the Hedgehog, also known as Yoshiya Fukami. As the founder of Yoshiya Fukami's Core Continuity, I made one original franchise for my own characters. I have other franchises, but they are still ongoing as of 2016. My Ancient Kings persona is Joshua Zephyrius.

I am a fictional writer, an artist (digital and real-time) mostly making manga-style drawing, a critic, and most importantly a 10th year student as of now.

I am just making original-to-fanon crossovers around here. Stories here involving me are usually non-canon, except for few that I am making with my friends.

To search for my character info, go to Yoshiya Fukami's Core Continuity.

Note: Since SFW is strict with regards to characters being introduced in the wikia, you will not most likely find me editing here. I am loyal to my original character series and will not change my standards for fanon standards. Thus, I being here is ultimately pointless.

  • Joshua Bornales (real)
  • Yoshiya Fukami (persona romaji)
  • The Trumping Savage God of Apollo

アラ ハアン (Ara Haan)
玲奈 和泉 (Reina Izumi)


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