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Joseph T. Marley is the current ruler of Mobius, the husband of the late Martha the Crocodile, and the father of Dylan, Vector, Anna, and Emma.


Prior to Sonic Fanfiction

Sometime earlier in his life, he had met, fallen in love with, and married Martha the Crocodile at a young age, and they had four children together, DylanVectorAnna, and Emma. Six months after Emma was born, Martha had died from falling down the stairs, and breaking her neck, leaving him devastated.

He was close in business with two people; Rex's father, who had married a woman with a daughter named Sarah, and his other partner being a woman with two daughters, Sugar and Vanilla. He would often allow their children to play with his children, since they were close in age.

Not long after his children were school-age, he became Queen Aleena's closest advisor, due to being one of the most trusted and respected men on Mobius, after the previous one had passed away. Soon after, there had been a robotizing attack on Seaside Hill. There, he had rescued two young crocodiles, Carson and Carter. Rather than allowing them to live their lives as normal children, he hid them in secret, and trained them to do his bidding. Over the years, he had collected several more who had been threatned with this, and they did the same.

After being Aleena's advisor for seven years, he had planned to betray her, and got his minions to help him. After he had done so, he had told the public Aleena had gone missing, and that he would take over the throne until her hopeful return. Though it is currently unknown how exactly he betrayed her, but those who are against him either believe he killed her or is holding her hostage.

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IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction

Appearances in Chapters 1-5

Joseph does not formally appear, but is mentioned, though not by name, when Vector tells Espio when he was a child, his father would often let his children get away with whatever they want.

Joesph also does not formally appear, but is mentioned several times throughout Chapter 4. The first time is when Bocoe and Decoe are leading Rex down a darkened hallway, and it is said Rex does not take orders from anyone other than his "Master" or his "Master"'s friends. Then again after Rex has a flashback, noting that his son Vector looks like a younger version of him. Tails notes that Bocoe and Decoe said something about "a friend" letting them borrow their "guard dog" in the second part of Chapter 4, likely referring to Joseph.

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Since Joseph has not made any formal appearances yet in IncaIceBunny's fanfictions, it is still difficult to determine his personality at this moment.

However, he is mentioned briefly in the first part of Chapter 3 in Sonic Fanfiction, when Vector states that his father would often let he and his siblings get in the way with whatever they wanted to. This could mean he was a neglectful father, likely due to his ambition towards his career.

He is also likely physically abusive, since in the first part of Chapter 4, Rex claims he had gotten used to the "bad" touches.


Like most crocodiles, Joseph has very powerful jaws, being able to crush metal with them. However, this ability has not yet been demonstrated.

Also, Joseph is a skilled swimmer, and he can hold his breath underwater for extended periods of time. But like his powerful jaws, this ability has not yet been demonstrated.



Current Relatives

  • Mildred the Crocodile (Sister-in-law, deceased)
  • LaRae (Granddaughter, deceased)

Future Relatives

  • Luke the Crocodile (Grandson)
  • Kyle the Crocodile (Grandson)
  • Toby the Crocodile (Grandson)
  • Monica the Crocodile (Granddaughter)
  • Hattie the Crocodile (Granddaughter)
  • Argyle the Crocodile (Grandson)
  • Lucy Seawall (Granddaughter, possibly)
  • Carson the Crocodile (Son-in-law)
  • Sarah Seawall (Daughter-in-law, possibly)


  • Other various unnamed minions



  • Joseph has minions other than Carson, Carter, and Rex, but so far, these three are the only ones mentioned by name.
  • His two sons, Dylan and Vector, bear some resemblance to him.
  • After Martha died, he swore never to love again.
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