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  2. Time to kiss my old username good-bye. Out with the old and in with the new
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Vehicles to be drawn (I hope)

  • SkyStar/SkyStream* (Hill Climb Car)
  • R-99/R-99 LMS* (Sports Car)
  • KamiKaze LS/HaraKiri LS* (Rally Car)
  • Napalm 4x4/Meltdown 4x4* (SUV)
  • Thunder Shark/Thunder Predator* (Monster Truck)
  • Streaker Type S/Stryker Type M* (Modified Hatchback)
  • Dynamo/Dyna-MAX* (Mini MPV)
  • Excelsior V8/Excalibur V12* (Dune Buggy)
  • Argento GT1/Ardent GT-11* (Tuner Car)
  • Space Trooper GT/Star Shooter GT* (Hover Car)
  • New Outlaw/Quick-Draw Outlaw* (Stock Car)
  • HI-V12/FH-V10 RS* (Modified Van)
  • ZEN/ZEN II* (Modified Coupé)
  • Incognito MR/Income FR-8* (Limousine)
  • Crown Diamond R/T/Crown Diamond Super Interceptor* (Police Car)
  • Devastator/Decimator* (Combat Tank)
  • T-31 Striker/F13 Endgame* (Fighter Jet Plane)
  • Bass Shuffle/Bass Treble* (Concept Car)
  • FR34/FR34T* (Supercar)
  • Turbo Paw/Turbo Kitty* (Minicar)
  • Trail Blazer/Burning Blazer* (Fire Truck)
  • Wyvern Type 7/Wyvern Type X (Race Car)
  • Aereo Cabriolet/Aereo Extremo* (Convertible Car)
  • Velocitá GT/Supremo Velocitá* (Sports Car)
  • Mastodonte W12/Mastodontico W12* (Off-Road Car)
  • Utopia CH-18/Uranium V-15* (Hybrid Car)

*Denotes super-formed vehicles.

My "Relatives" (according to Sharn who mentioned this on Xat)

  • Sharna/G (adopted niece)
  • Lupe (adopted niece)
  • Sunny/Celest (or Rose, IDK; adopted younger sister)
  • Ryu/Megan (younger sister)

That's all there is to it so far.



  • Chaos (Well, he apologized, which is cool)
  • Guy (A fellow guy for me to know him, since I'm the second oldest)
  • FlashFire (Pretty good guy. Though I haven't talked to him much, unfourtunately (mainly because he's not always active on SFW))


  • Shima (what Guy said was right. She's a good friend and all, but she shouldn't act this way and needs to be more mature than immature)
  • Nikkie (what Guy said was also right)


Any trolls and vandals that are anon IP related.


Furry Doll Makers


Coming soon!


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