aka The one who hates Autism

  • I live in United States
  • My occupation is Black Arm Being
  • I am a human/black arm alien being who lives in my world....


Currently: Unknown

Doing: Unknown.

You will love this pic!

Sporecario Chao

^w^ Fear the Sporecario Chao's cuteness!!!! ^w^

My goal to become administrator of SFW

1:Do 500 edits.

2:Make 100 articles.

3:Make more commissions from requests.

4:Become a better wikian rank.

5:Protect my articles. (optional)

Note:Do not ban me or Hammer of Justice will crush your skull, ok?


Sporecario Userbox

Note:If you want to use the "Sporecario_Userbox.png" userbox, give me credit if you want to support Sporecario, ok?

My Info

I am born in May 26th!

I loved Rouge the Bat, Scourge the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog and Black Doom.

I liked is Yaoi and Yuri related pics, kittyface! ^wwww^

I liked is any Movies that involve rock and metal music, Disturbed, Powerman 5000, blood and gore, violence, romance, weddings, mature language, suggestive themes and screaming when someone speaks.

I lived a place called Palmdale, California. Do not know this place that lived in.

I always liked is adding gorey pics because i always hate is having an appropiate age.

I usually liked is the words is Crud, Condemn, Hate, Heck, Hell, Mackerel and Swear. >wwwwww<

MrWeezee, stop editing my pages without permission!

My Info on Sonic Fanon Wiki:

I'm a user who plays a game called Spore.

Heres my character for Spore!

CRE Sporecario (Normal Face)-0cfd8857 ful

This is my guy Sporecario.

This is how you ban a troll or IH-murderer:

  1. Ban him or her on dA, YouTube, Spore and other websites
  2. Call the cops put the troll or a IH-murderer in jail.
  3. Do not feed the troll or the IH-murderer food and drinks.
  4. Let the troll or the IH-murderer stay in jail in 10 years.

Live Action Sonic Movie Fan Concept

Metallica Song Randomness!:


...And Justice For All - Metallica Lyrics

This song by Metallica is "EPIC!!" cool! ^w^

Metallica Disposable Heroes(lyrics)

Metallica Disposable Heroes(lyrics)

Oooohhh! This one is my favorite song evar! Its Disposable Heroes by Metallica! ^w^

Metallica - Ain't My Bitch with lyrics

Metallica - Ain't My Bitch with lyrics

Oh my f**king gosh! "Ain't My B***h" is one of my favorite Metallica songs which is EPIC! I loved that song! ^ww^

Awesome Pictures

Spore 2012-02-23 12-40-55

Awesome!!! Sonic is killing a Zerg Roach for da win!!!!! ^w^

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