Hello, Sonic Fan World! I am INFERNOX, just a mere fanfic writer and Sonic fan like the rest of you!

Here I will be posting my own Owned Characters, along with plot elements from my own fanfic series. Please note the information may differentiate over time: I come up with new ideas every day!

However, the information you shall see currently is all correct from my fanfic stories. If you have seen me on fanfiction dot net as (no suprise) INFERNOX, then you should understand the content I will be posting. If not, please enjoy my own Sonic Fanon characters!

What I'm Going To Be Doing

  • Updating and creating articles here
  • Updating and creating articles on the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki
  • Participating in the Sonic Wiki's Sonic Character Tournament
  • Working on my fanfictions on Fanfiction.Net as INFERNOX
  • Uploading Let's Play videos on YouTube as InfernoxStudios

Stuff About Me

Let's see...

  • I have an appetite that never is appeased.
  • I'm random as can be, yet also dead serious for situations that require it.
  • I have no life. :P
  • I'm as skinny as a board, despite my stomach telling me to fatten myself up for the witch in the woods outside my home.
  • I can make random conspiracy theories between stuff that makes no sense, yet still makes sense.
  • I'm a diehard Sonic and Kingdom Hearts fan, although I'm not as serious as some other people.
  • My head is square and I can break electronics with my mind sometimes.
  • I have really odd and convienent timing...
  • I take pride in the fanfiction I write.
  • I'm 25% Christopher Walken, 25% Nazo, 25% black hole, and 25% cube.
  • I'm paranoid sometimes.

thumb|302px|right|Roxas tells you why he can never remember his seat at the movies.

My Original Owned Characters will take you to all OC's made for allthumb|300px|left|WARNING: This video does NOT contain steel drums. fanfics. They will have descriptions, personalities, trivia, and other tidbits.

INFERNOX's Fanfics will take you to the actual plot of the fanfics, which is also where the backstories for all OC's take place.

The World Of Aleannas is the OC-planet where Sonic Chronicles, Heroes From An Old World, and Chronicles Commented By Cosmo will all intersect with by SC3.

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