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  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Caretaker
  • I am Female

About Me

Hi everyone,I'm a big fan of Sonic,that I made a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog characters and still making more for the fun of it,from humans to mobians and so on.My first characters are the Chaos Patrol in a story I called Sonic Orgins:Legend of the Chaos Emeralds,which started as a journal entry in high school which got a good grade,the member are Sparkle Starlight,Elie Bluemoon,Blair Hotshot,Rock Stonewall,Lukio the Seedrian,Lune,Sora the Raven,and Juliet the Nightopian.Then I made their Chaos,but I only need to make two more,I made Lukio a bow and arrow and a few bombs for Juliet and still working on the others.I made Sparkle"s future son,and Lukio"s future daughter and also working on the others,I made what would Sparkle and Lukio would look like when their adults and still working on their friends.I'm a big fan of Seedrians that I drew a total of 284 female and 281 males,but I'm trying to get them both to 288,I also made Team Divine,which are Annamaria the Wolf,Elo the Kangaroo,and Ake Butterfly.I also made  another team called Guardian,which are Noven the Badger,Llash the Griffen,and Net Warthog and I based all six of them on me,my siblings and future brother in-law.I made Shawn,Shadow"s long lost son,Iyo, Matsu snd Yang,Anna"s cousens,Wolfbane,Anna"s robot copy.Marsha the Snake,Shadow"s sister and Anna"s rival then friend,Gil the Fish,Rita the Ferret,Anya Blue Jay,Micke"Mondo"Monkee,Zuna the Bat,Kitten"Kit" the Cat and Sparky the Dog.Yram the Gorilla is base on my mom,Dla the Dragonfly is based on my dad,Hew Penguin,Matt Panda,Chin Chicken,and Mia Cat our based of my old classmates from school.Molly Mouse,Tim Squirrel,Bel Koala,Linda Panda,Sher Cat,Rey Horse,Jony Owl,Hayli Dog,Lori Cat and Irol Dog are based on my teachers and that's all of them for now.I made a character name Sitruk"Sit"Wolf base on my little sisters boyfriend,I finished the Chaos,made Lukio,Lune,Sora and Juliet's parents,made two of the emerald ancesters,,all the weapons,two Black Arm ancesters and their other forms,made another Seedrian and Julie a brother,made more future kids,just need two more,made a rainbow emerald and dolls for Sparkle.I also made Kero the Lion and Kimmy the Koala.

My Characters

My Stories

Sonic Orgins:Legend of the Chaos Emeralds

Sonic Z

The Divine Adventures of Dawn

My Friends





Sunny the Hedgehog

Zelzzazz the Fox



Gwen the Mouse




Memphis the light-my online husband and loved one




EternalAbyssJustice-my bro


Maku-my Azure of Shadows bro in law


Gale-my brother

SHADOW-my trouble making son

Draon-my bro in law

Met-my brewler sister



Yume-my sweet vampire sister

Twist-My online fox son



My Groups

Celestial 13

Chaos Patrol

Black Beast 13

Items I Made For My Characters

Characters I'm Still Working On

(Memo)If you want to help me make them,just leave a message on my talk page and I'll give you details to their animal,gender,colors,and all that other stuff.

Locations I Made

Roleplays I'm In

Roleplay:Selenia, The Shining Moon

Roleplay:Selenia, The Departing Soul (PART 2)

Roleplay:Two worlds, One love

Roleplay:Thirza, Guardian of the Crystal Caves

Roleplay:Bleach: Fade to Black, I call your name

Roleplay:Sun Princess in Demon's Castle

Roleplay:Fading Light...

Roleplay:Journey to Anguish Island

Roleplay:Mazda's Union

Roleplay:The Angels Wing

Roleplay:Last Standing...

Roleplay:A new hero?

Roleplay:Endless bonds

Roleplay:The Cursed Wave Series. Part 1

Roleplay:Game on

Roleplay:Robian Apocalypse

Roleplay:The Fallen Future

Roleplay:Okami Crosses Over

Roleplay:Scott vs. The Universe

Roleplay:Twinkle park

Roleplay:The new Shining Demonhog

Roleplay:The Looming Obelisk


Roleplay:Attack of the Mad Prankster

Roleplay:Faitingutōnamento! Fighting Tournament!!

Roleplay:Welcome to the Negazone

Roleplay:The Siren's Song

The Temple Arise: WonderKing Roleplay

Roleplay:Eien no Setsuna

Roleplay:Darkside of life

Roleplay:A Cat's Past

Roleplay:The Male Snatchers

Roleplay:Red vs Blue


Roleplay:The Hellfire Ghosts

Roleplay:Summer's Foul Play

Roleplay:Elemental Tournament

Roleplay:The Card Dealers

Roleplay:Fall of the Moon

Roleplay:Cries of the Fursona

Roleplay:Halloween Terror

Roleplay:The Past of the Cats

Roleplay:Game Invasion 5

Roleplay:Vampire Cats of Death!

Roleplay:Year 7099

Roleplay:Dimensional Problems

Roleplay:Forbidden Secrets

Roleplay:A GenderSwitch Christmas

Roleplay:Rise of the Frostbite Spiders!

Roleplay:The Mobius Infection

Roleplay:Rise of the Engine

Roleplay:Love Potion Days

Roleplay:Robians Return

Roleplay:Down Under

Roleplay:Shadows of the Past

Roleplay:Child Help

Roleplay:Kitsempt Marriage

Roleplay:Girls Week Out

Roleplay:Future Family


Closed Roleplay:Feudal Travels

Roleplay:Fabricated World

My Favorite Songs

Pictures My Friends Gave Me And Ones I Like and Others I made

Characters put in my care

Couple Pages

Shows,Stories, and games I took part of

Sonic ZXZ

The Rouge Unit

The 3rd Character Tournament

Rogues and Zyde

Dena and Sora Sports Mix

The Galephani Saga

Gregory the Magihog: Explorer of two worlds

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