Hiya there, my name is HiddenDreams, but you can call me Lights, Starsi, or Megan! Hope to become friends with all of you bros!

Early Life

Born in London, England, on October 5th, 1996, HiddenDreams recieved the birthname Megan. She lived in London for the first three years of her life until she moved to Hawaii, thanks to having a father in the Air Force. In Hawaii, Megan got sugarhigh one day at the age of 5 and got her foot ran over by a car. To this day she still has the scar to prove it! After that incident, she healed very quickly and after a year they moved to Vandenburg, then to El Paso/Horizon Heights, the to San Diego, now in ____________. She lived in each city for about three years.


Megan now lives as a Freshman in high school who loves to draw and create Sonic Fan Characters. In fact, she has many of them, just waiting to be written about! As of now, Megan has many loves for different things, the most current obsession being Larry Butz from the Phoenix Wright series. While Megan is single and would love to be in love and loved back by a boy one day, she carries a slight hatred for men as of now due to bad experiences. Aside from that, Megan's favorite classes she looks forward to every day are Geometry, Web Construction, P.E, and English. She is very obsessed with Disney, Sonic, and many other various things, but those two topping the list. Hey, she even makes shoes with Disney and Sonic characters on them!

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