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Current thoughts: I've decided that I will barely be on until the end of school term. This is just so I have more time to complete my work.


The winner of my first ever poll was Hayden the Hedgeidna. Thanks to all who voted.

It seems I am a nice person after all. Thanks to all who voted.

It seems Knuckles is the most liked character in my poll. Thanks to all who voted.

It seems Dark Sonic is the most liked super form of Sonic. Thanks to all who voted.

The result of the last poll was inconclusive. Thanks to all who voted anyway.

What is your favourite character picture?

The poll was created at 05:25 on December 2, 2011, and so far 6 people voted.

My Charas

They're all here:Hedge's characters


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Character Pages

Hayden the Hedgeidna

Hector the Hedgehog

Pitch the Echidna

Sam the Chameleon

Hydra the Bat

Lyra the Fox

Harold the Hedgeidna

Molten the Hedgeidna

Rosa the Hedgehog

Barf Bag

The Fire Spirits

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The Inferno Emerald

The Fire Emeralds

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Crossbreed Species



Forum:RP: The Great Cave Escape

Roleplay:The Inferno Emeralds

Roleplay:Back to the Fire Dimension


Let's-a go! My first sig.

I came, I saw, I roleplayed. My second sig.

Learn it, Fear it, Eat it! My third sig.

Are you staring at me!? Or are you staring at a brick wall!? My fourth sig.

Violence is the answer! My fifth sig.

Better sorry than safe My sixth sig.

My life is a lie My seventh sig.

My anger controls me My eighth sig.

This is my new signature My ninth sig.

I can't think of a new signature (It was true) My tenth sig.

So close but yet so far... from the bacon My current sig.

Other wikis I'm based at

That Guy Fanfiction wiki

Xorboids Wiki

Pokeart Wiki


Credits to Shima for making the second avatar for me.

I reused my Fire Sonic avatar after I used the Sad Face as my Avatar.

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