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I used to be known as VenomTheEchidna. So technically I've been on this site for over eight years. Haha... sad.

My favorite pages

I'll fill this out later but in actuality I won't :)

About Me

I'm not going to write my autobiography here, but I'll let a few pointless things slip.

My likes

(Keep in mind that these are in no particular order... except for sleeping.)

  1. Sleeping
  2. Drawing (mainly fan art, but I'm thinking of focusing more on "original" pieces)
  3. Playing video games
  4. Writing fanfictions
  5. Swimming
  6. Eating sweets
  7. Being a lazy bum in general
  8. Quiet environments
  9. Animals
  10. Listening to music
  11. Meditating
  12. Reading books (mostly fiction, art, and history)

My dislikes

(These might be touchy subjects. Again, this isn't in order.)

  1. Being told what to do constantly
  2. Hypocrites
  3. Jokes about suicide
  4. Smartasses
  5. Animal abuse
  6. Religious extremists
  7. Spicy foods
  8. Loud noises (my hearing is sensitive)
  9. Characters with little to no flaws (AKA "Mary-Sues"/"Gary-Stus")
  10. Racism
  11. Recolors
  12. Homophobia

What's in a Name?

So, Wikia has this "thing" (I'm so very intelligent) where you can only change your name once. I had done this previously on my prior account, Scroundernuts; the username was ultimately changed to "VenomTheEchidna". I grew to dislike this name, as I didn't want myself to be solely associated with a Sonic fan character (besides, I gave the character away over a year later). This led to me creating a new account with the name OkamiKek ("Okami" meaning "wolf" in Japanese since I like wolves, and "kek" being... an Egyptian god!) Again, I was dissatisfied with the name, because I found OkamiKek to be stupid and nonscensical. In April of 2018, I had it changed to "GothicBandicoot"... which I soon regretted.

And the moral of this story, kids, is to stick to one name even if it is dumb, because otherwise you're going to confuse people by changing your name three times. As to what you should call me as a nickname, Okami or Mel (a shortening of my real name) are my preferred choices.


Do you consider me a friend, for whatever reason? If so, list your name here! I'll also be listing friends even if they aren't even on here. Also, I'll leave my comments on them.

  1. The real #1, AKA me - Man, this guy is just the best, man. Seriously, Doomfin is the coolest motherfucker under the sun. Man.
  2. XophPsycho - I've known about Xoph for a while, but we've only really interacted with each other fairly recently through the Discord server. He seems like a chill and friendly guy, and he draws some good artwork. His characters also seem interesting (I should read through them more often).
  3. Josh - We became friends around 2013. He's a really cool guy who has his own interesting series (with a much better lore than any of my own). He's also a great artist! He also struck me as the "voice of reason" in our old chat group with two other friends. However, Josh has practically left the Sonic fandom, and we've been out of touch for a long time, due to our conflicting time zones and schedules. Despite this, I still consider him to be a close friend.


This section goes out to: users I consider acquaintances (for now) and generally users that I don't consider friends or enemies.


This section goes out to my supporters!

My Sonic Ships

Why do I ship characters? Honestly, I don't know. I guess it's because I'm a weirdo who likes fantasizing about fictional characters that I like. Anyway, here are my top five ships... I guess?

  • Antoine x Bunnie (otp)
  • Knuckles x Rouge (second otp)
  • Silver x Blaze
  • Sonic x Sally
  • Tails x Cosmo

My Characters

Video Game Universe

This universe follows the concepts of the games.

SatAM/Early Archie Universe

This universe follows the concepts and lore of the 1993 cartoon Sonic the Hedgehog and the early days of the comic that was inspired by the cartoon.

Unknown Universe

I haven't figured out where these guys fit in.