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Hello there my name is Vito and this is my are a few things to know about me.

facts about me

  • Favorite band: Beatles, Queen, Fozzy (heavy metal band), Charles Manson (yeah he was a killer, I mean he didn’t kill people but her coerced people to kill others, but his music is actually pretty good), Nirvana
  • favorite video game: MegaMan X
  • Am I aware wrestling is fake: Yes
  • Favorite Book: Heir to the Empire (they should of adapted this for Episode 7 fight me)
  • Favorite Superhero (ok I’m laying a ground rule here no too well known heroes): Spawn
  • favorite comic writer: Either Frank Miller or Allan Moore
  • favorite tv show: it’s always sunny in Philadelphia
  • favorite movie: Scarface
  • Likes: Comic books, Video Games, Movies
  • Dislikes: Pineapple on Pizza (What sick man came up with that?)

Pointless warning

do not tick me off or you make the list of Vito (ink it in man, but who gives a f@ck about that.)

The List of Vito