aka Lupita/Lupe

  • I live in Fort Worth
  • I was born on March 11
  • I am Female

Hey Ya'll names Gamergirl. I love playing video games, reading, drawing, and listenig to music. I've been a sonic fan for a very long time. My fav sonic character is Shadow the Hedgehog. He RULEZ!!!

I like drawing my own sonic characters. I have been drawing my own sonic fan characters way more then 2 years now. I think I started in the 6th grade.
Gamergirl Anime Style

This is me Gamergirl :D

I Love Metal and Rock Music !! Link to youtube account


Real Name: Guadalupe

Nicknames: Lupita (what me friends call me) Lupiya(what my dad use to call me) Number 5 (very old nickname. Not used anymore) Lupe (another nickmane friends use), Guadalupita (Nickname my sis made up), Gato (Nickname some people call me)

Height: 5ft 2in

Birthplace: Funky Town ,Texas

Eyes: Brown

Likes: ♫Metal and Rock Music♫, Dublin Dr.Pepper, Hanging with my friends, Playing with my cat and dog, playing on gaia, Sunflower seeds

Dislikes: People that think there all that, Know it alls, My sister >_>, people copying me

Favorite Band of All Time: ♥LINKIN PARK!!!!!♥

Other favorite Bands/Artist: ♥Micheal Jackson♥ Three Days Grace, Manafest, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, Tokio Hotel, Kelly Clarkson, All American Rejects, Crush 40, Powerman 5000, Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan, Vanessa Carlton, Coldplay, Seether, Bullet for my Valentine, Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Disturbed, Nickelback, The Fray

Favorite TV Shows: CSI: NY, NCIS, Law and Order SVU, CSI: Crime Scene Investigators, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist


Random Facts about me

  • I am Hispanic
  • My B-Day is on the same day as Jhonny Knoxville's :D
  • I was born at 12:36 a.m. XD
  • I dont use the computer on sunday till 7 or 8 cause Im usually at my dads house
  • I started drawing in the 6th grade
  • I play pokemon
  • My Favorite colors are Black and Pink
  • I met Manafest at my school and at a concert
  • I like being HYPER lol
  • I got hyper on Trident gum once. weird
  • I like watching Viva la Bam
  • I have vampire like teeth. Weird lol
  • I can play the ocarina :D
  • I think ghost are real
  • I might add more random facts later

Pokemon Trainer Me

Me as a pokemon trainer

My Sonic Charaters

All my Chars pages are Under Construction. Info on their pages may not be up to date. Ill try to update them as soon as possible

Dante Nantal

Sango The Raccoon

Lace The Hedgehog

Lyra The Hedgehog

Liz The Bunny

Sam The Cat

Jane The Hedgehog

Paul The Hedgehog

Princess The Hedgehog

April The Hedgehog

Joe The Rabbit

Michael The Cat


Jocelyn The Fox

Lucero The Rabbit

Sunako The Cat

Valeree The Bat

Micro The Bat

Miku The Raccoon

Solo The Hedgehog


Rean The Dark


Bayl The Echidna

Venus The Echidna

Trav The Echidna
Gamergirl304 DE

Me anime Style again with my Pokemon Trainer Outfit XD

Pricila The Echidna

Brandon The Fox

Eder The Bat

Juan The Fox

Marin The Fox

Al The Hedgehog

Tiffany The Hedgehog

Stella The Fox

Nataly The Bee

Alice The Raccoon

Ana The Hedgehog

Angel The Rabbit

Bella The Bat

Ben The Eagle

Carlos The Hedgehog

Clover The Bear

Ember The Bat

Helen The Hedgehog

Slade The Hedgehog

Lu The Dog

Su The Dog

Nicos The Hedgehog

Platinum The Cat

Sunday The Rabbit

Slide The Hedgehog

Pam The Hedgehog

Mayo Nantal

Lily Nantal

General Fow Toth Nantal

Elder Nantal

Lyptus The Koala

Lucy The Hedgehog




Raven The Bat

Kamego The Raccoon

Theres a list of all my Sonic Characters so far


N Squad

S Squad

School Yard Gang

Team Slade

Helen Squad

ALT Gang


Team Nicos

Echidna Squad

Team Milo

Eder Team

Fav Gif type stuff


Random Drawings I have made

  • Drawing I made of a pokemon
  • My Dog Mini ^_^
  • My cat Sonia ^_^
  • Pic I made for someone on Youtube
  • Random Drawing of Tikal
  • Wave cosplaying as Ino
  • Wave Cosplaying as Ino
  • Jet Cosplaying as Shikamaru
  • Jet Cosplaying as Shikamaru
  • Shadow Cosplaying as Itachi
  • Shadow Cosplaying as Itachi
  • Amy Cosplaying as Sakura
  • Amy Cosplaying as Sakura
  • Espio Cosplaying as Neji
  • Espio Cosplaying as Neji
  • Knuckles Cosplaying as Kiba
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