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Joke of the Day: A Captain and his crew are on a ship and the guy in the crows nest says "An enemy ship on the horizon." the Captain says "bring me my Red Shirt." So they fight the battle and it's a huge bloody battle that rages day and night and none of the Captians crew was killed so the guy in the crows nest asks the captian " Captain Why did you want your red shirt?" the captain says " Becuase, If I had happened to be shot and was bleeding, the crew would not notice and fight on." The next day the guy in the crows nest says "20 enemy ships over the horizon." and without missing a beat the Captain says " Bring me my BROWN PANTS

My favorite pages

  • Ultimate Lifeform Family Reunion
  • Friends (Gwen the Mouse,Geo the Hedgehog,SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG,JMBZ
  • Chaos Legacy




most EPIC evil looking form of Sonic


thumb|300px|right|EPICLY AWESOMEMusic

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