aka Fusi

  • I live in Ruskin, Florida
  • I was born on July 3
  • I am Guy

About Me:

I'm the 14 year old brother of the username Makuta294.

I am a pretty nice guy. I try to avoid trouble whenever possible.

I am a Sonic fan like you and My favorite characters are Eggman

and Silver. I have made some of my own fanmade characters too.

My first and favorite is Fusion the Hedgehog. On my blog is a story

I'm writing about him and this slideshow shows the characters in

the chapters I have written so far. 'Enjoy.

  • Fusion the Hedgehog.png Fusion the hedghog is the main character in my story.
  • This is Shadow the Hedgehog, Fusion's Father/Creator
  • This is Khaos the hedgehog. deciple of the original Chaos later known as the ancient emerald.
  • This is the form of the Chaos. it is called the ancient emerald.
  • E-123 Omega is in chapter3: Search
  • Chaotic is a liquid like form like Chaos 0 who is also in chapter3.
  • Team Chaotix is in the 4th chapter: Rescue
  • In chapter4: Rescue Fusion and team chaotix have to fight an army of metal sonics
  • This is MetalSonic V4(Version 4) who will be seen later in the story
  • In chapter 6:Skyrace Fusion and Omega race against the tornado
  • Gibous the Hedgehog leader of Blade
  • Poison the Hedgehog
  • Team Metal

These are the things in the Fusion the hedgehog story on my blog.


  • Guyviroth
  • Makuta294 (Brother)
  • Memphis the light (Nice to meet ya good friend of your bro)
  • Hopefully more people to come

Fusion the Hedgehog (Fdm form)

New Character: Fallen the Hedgecat

Fallen the Hedgecat

Furry doll maker

Fusion the Hedgehog

Furry Doll Maker

Hand drawn:

Fallen Furry doll maker:

Fusi chronicles
The Fusi Chronicles
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