aka Becky

  • I live in World of Endless Childhood
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is Part time Artist, Full time Fan
  • I am Female

Hello! It's us, the Funky Town Gang, and this is our file! We are relatively new here, so we're still learning the ropes.

Greetings from the Gang

Becky the Skyhog: Hey there! My name is Becky Archive, and I'm the leader of the Funky Town Gang!

Cooler the Hedgehog: Hey! The name's Jackson. Cooler Jackson, and I'm the second-in-command of the Funky Town Gang.

Funky the Echidna: Hey, mon! Funky Jamaica, and I'm the strength of the Funky Town Gang!

Conner the Hedgehog: Hello. My name is Conner Flame, and I'm the brains!

Twilight the Hedgehog: Twilight Evanstar. I'm the backbone.

Ruby the Cat: I am Ruby, and I am the Down-to-earth girl.

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