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  • I live in sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is Webcomic Artist
  • I am Yes
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#[[Masuda the Voodoo Doll]]
#[[Masuda the Voodoo Doll]]
#[[Hoyori the Murkrohemon]]
#[[Sartorius Vhan]]
#[[Sartorius Vhan]]
#[[Éloise Dalmung]]
#[[Éloise Dalmung]]
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#[[Yggnatius Law]]
#[[Yggnatius Law]]
#[[Yggnaraam Law]]
#[[Yggnaraam Law]]
#[[Yggnolann Law]]
#[[Shobol Ulrich]]
#[[Alice the Purrloin]]
#[[Alice the Purrloin]]
#[[Devlin Maroco]]
#[[Devlin Maroco]]

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About Me

3ds friend code: 1633-4488-4455 (friend safari output: Bug i think)

RIP in peace

Steam account: shadowscorpios/Lord_Derse

YouTube account: shadowscorpios/Lord_Derse

Skype name: Lord_Derse (call hours vary. Weekdays: 3:30pm western - 9:30pm western)

Tumblr account: Lord-Derse

(3/25/16 at 12:30AM): I remember when I typed most of that previous stuff with glee. Oh it pains me to see that those days are long gone. Welp, better say some stuff about my current self.I have lately been watching a show called Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, as well as watching more of Wander Over Yonder. Both are pretty good shows, sad the former is mistreated here in the west and the latter might be ending so soon. I have lately been in a bit of a slum art wise, I have no comfortable spot to draw in that doesn't cause major pains in either my shoulders or my tailbone, as well as not having adequate resources to draw digitally (seriously, never buy a Turcom, they're all a big scam. Just save up for something with a screen you can actually look at.) and have just reached the realization that (at least for what I want to do in my future, that is animation and cartoon-creating in general) it's all about connections. Nobody cares about your talent or how many degrees you have, an art degree has about as much worth as a napkin or a few squares of toilet paper. It's all about knowing the right people and making good impressions, too bad I'm too much of a shy introvert to get said connections, as well as living out in the middle of actual nowhere where only people desperate for work come. I would go to conventions and meet people, but with no reliable source of income to fund that I have a huge handicap. But despite all that, I will achieve my dream, no matter how many hurdles I must leap, no matter how high the odds are stacked against me, I will perservere and achieve my true goal one way or another. 

Character List

  1. Jared Infiern
  2. Willow the Chandelure
  3. Bonesy Bomber
  4. Twitch the Cat
  5. Gyro the Mechanical Ram
  6. Frida the Maractus
  7. Antonio the Cacturne
  8. Hersephenes
  9. Masuda the Voodoo Doll
  10. Sartorius Vhan
  11. Éloise Dalmung
  12. Sirus Mionium
  13. Capon
  14. Xahlia Vhan
  15. Mr. Strings
  16. Gretchen Mako
  17. Bellow the Lamb
  18. Kyoyan Tobias
  19. Ishigii Booko
  20. Pixel Ollydia
  21. Mike the Fox
  22. Tomoe Pintura
  23. Yggnatius Law
  24. Yggnaraam Law
  25. Alice the Purrloin
  26. Devlin Maroco
  27. Trip the Mouse
  28. Harts Whyvern
  29. Tsuchi Nokoti
  30. ReKaz the Shell
  31. MoKaz the Snail
  32. Shining Raymundo
  33. Marcy the Virus (adopted)
  34. Lymbii Axom
  35. EQuartz αlpha
  36. Tetsuya Nenos
  37. Maxie the Rabbit
  38. Trixie modraC
  39. EQuartz Cleandroids
  40. Jeremiah the Crow
  41. Flamefly Steam
  42. Gold N Nightbone
  43. Princess Overtone
  44. Immobile Felice
  45. Coloa Cephalop
  46. Overking Shi
  47. Lord Karmah
  48. Cheyenne of the Desert


This part describes how I feel about many users on the wikia.


  • Fain Gone (we talk a lot about homestuck and have added each other on skype)
  • TheDarkMantis15 (just feels right at the moment)
  • PuellaMagi Nudge Magica Gone (may consider me as neutral, but I see her as a friend. Plus she got me into Madoka Magica, so that's always a plus) (Wherever you are, I hope only the best for you)
  • Monk the Cat (added each other on Skype)



  • Cameron(random numbers that I'm too lazy to look up) : I suggested her RP series be fairer by letting participants vote on episodes, she complied at first, but only caused problems by not only constantly ignoring that rule by doing her ideas instead of what was decided on, but also constantly made sure only what SHE wanted would happen, then had the nerve to blame ME for all of her problems (last I saw, she raised hell on community wikia about how she was being mistreated even when all evidence proved the exact opposite, to the point where even the creator of wikia in it's entirety came in)

Work-in-Progress Ideas

If I have an idea, but am not sure how to flesh it out enough for a page, I will put it here until then.

None available




6000 edits on this wikia

Marathon'd Yugioh: Duelist of the Roses (both stories) in the span of 8-9 hours

600 hours on Team Fortress 2

6200 edits on this wikia as of 4/19/14 at 10:41PM Western.

6300 edits on this wikia

700 hours on Team Fortress 2

6400 edits on this wikia as of 6/08/14 at 9:06PM Western.

6500 edits on this wikia as of 6/23/25 at 10:34AM Western.

6600 edits.

6666 edits on this wikia as of 7/23/14 at 5:25 PM Western.

Purified every Shadow Pokemon in the video game "Pokemon: Gale of Darkness" for Nintendo Gamecube.

Goals/Bucket List

  • Learn how to draw/animate using a tablet (AN ACTUALLY GOOD TABLET, NOT ANY OF THIS TURSION CRAP. Maybe I'll just get an IPad and a Wacom Pen like Pan did)
  • Make collection of Max Factory Figma's of Madoka Magica characters (so far, only got Mami in her magical girl form) 1/?
  • Confess red feelings for other user (will not spoil who, but may give hints throughout time, or just confess if she leaves wikia)
  • Make a Pokemon Nuzlocke Comic.
  • Learn what instrument is used during 2:12 to 2:31 of Rex Duodecim Angelus.
  • Obtain an Unusual Team Captain Effect Burning Flames on TF2.
  • Humiliate every Captain Falcon Main (getting there, some are actually pretty good sports about it all)
  • Re-learn to main Bowser
  • start a grease fire in local High School
  • Convice everyone to stop being so nostalgiablind and cease playing the outdated trash that is Super Smash Bros. Melee
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