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(Character List)
(Character List)
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#[[Alice the Purrloin]]
#[[Alice the Purrloin]]
#[[Devlin Maroco]]
#[[Devlin Maroco]]
#[[Trip the Mouse]]
#[[Harts Whyvern]]
#[[Harts Whyvern]]
#[[Tsuchi Nokoti]]
#[[Tsuchi Nokoti]]

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[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]


Deviantart account: LordDerse

3ds friend code: 1633-4488-4455 (friend safari output: Bug i think)

RIP in peace

Steam account: shadowscorpios/Lord_Derse

YouTube account: shadowscorpios/Lord_Derse

Skype name: Lord_Derse (call hours vary. Weekdays: 3:30pm western - 9:30pm western)

Pe5terchunn u5ernanne: LordDerse

Tumblr account: Lord-Derse

I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, but then around 2010-2011, stopped talking the medicine for it. A few years later, I read up that it is a fictitious illness, and as such doesn't exist. (proof ) You do not want to know how enraged I was that day. I also have Aspergers, and have yet to see any evidence stating it being ficticious.

I am deeply interested in Homestuck/Pokemon, plus various Decomposition anime (where you take a simple concept and make it darker and more thought-involved) such as Evangelion, Madoka Magica, and by extension Digimon Tamers, though at times, I will go for something stupid and light-hearted like Keroro or Homestar Runner. I prefer animation over live-action as more creative possibilities can be explored in animating. The game I've put the most time into is probably Team Fortress 2 at 534 registered hours on Steam. My favorite anime are Space Dandy, Madoka Magica, Gregory Horror Show, One Piece, Gurren Lagann and Digimon.

I have a strange disgust for the sound of drinking milk, and milk in general, ironic considering that according to Glenbrook South's patron troll calculator, my patron troll is Equius.












Character List

  1. Jared Infiern
  2. Willow the Chandelure
  3. Bonesy Bomber
  4. Twitch the Cat
  5. Gyro the Mechanical Ram
  6. Frida the Maractus
  7. Antonio the Cacturne
  8. Hersephenes
  9. Masuda the Voodoo Doll
  10. Hoyori the Murkrohemon
  11. Sartorius Vhan
  12. Éloise Dalmung
  13. Sirus Mionium
  14. Capon
  15. Xahlia Vhan
  16. Mr. Strings
  17. Gretchen Mako
  18. Bellow the Lamb
  19. Kyoyan Tobias
  20. Ishigii Booko
  21. Pixel Ollydia
  22. Mike the Fox
  23. Tomoe Pintura
  24. Yggnatius Law
  25. Yggnaraam Law
  26. Yggnolann Law
  27. Shobol Ulrich
  28. Alice the Purrloin
  29. Devlin Maroco
  30. Trip the Mouse
  31. Harts Whyvern
  32. Tsuchi Nokoti
  33. ReKaz the Shell
  34. MoKaz the Snail
Judgement Boy is love, Judgement boy is Life

Judgement Boy is love, Judgement Boy is life



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I'm going to clarify for anyone with the wrong idea, the above signature is a lyric to a song (this one)

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This part describes how I feel about many users on the wikia.


  • Fain (we talk a lot about homestuck and have added each other on skype)
  • TheDarkMantis15 (just feels right at the moment)
  • PuellaMagi Nudge Magica (may consider me as neutral, but I see her as a friend. Plus she got me into Madoka Magica, so that's always a plus)
  • Monk the Cat (added each other on Skype)


  • Spongebob100 (used to hate his crossover ideas with a fiery passion, but am now indifferent as long as he doesn't take that idea too seriously)
  • BlurayOriginals (from another wikia, haven't talked in a loooooong time.)


  • Cameron(random numbers that I'm too lazy to look up) : I suggested her RP series be fairer by letting participants vote on episodes, she complied at first, but only caused problems by not only constantly ignoring that rule by doing her ideas instead of what was decided on, but also constantly made sure only what SHE wanted would happen, then had the nerve to blame ME for all of her problems (last I saw, she raised hell on community wikia about how she was being mistreated even when all evidence proved the exact opposite, to the point where even the creator of wikia in it's entirety came in)

Work-in-Progress Ideas

If I have an idea, but am not sure how to flesh it out enough for a page, I will put it here until then.

The Malfa Brothers

Two anthropomorphic black ducks who drive a flying taxi and are tasked with transporting anybody to wherever they might wish, at a reasonable price of course. This can be either money or a form of life-scarring experience undergone during the ride. The younger wears blue and is more disgruntled about the word, not caring for the sake of the passengers and only works for a paycheck. The older is clad in bright red and is somewhat kinder, in that he tries to ensure that the passenger is at least alive, while trying to enjoy the ride as much as he can.

Their names are based on the demon Malfas, who commands 40 legions of lesser demons in the Christian interpretation of Hell. (writing later)

Aboki Planter


A Crucite of the Land, Kabou specializes in various plant-based attacks. This includes manipulating vines/roots, access to nearly-any grass type-moves, and his signature move "Kabuki Trick," where a large pumpkin spawns in mid-air, and explodes in a fashion similar to that of a party-ball, unleashing a storm of Blossom-Petals to damage and disorient opponents. On top of that, Kabou can spawn random plants in his hands to use as projectiles against enemies.


Kabou is somewhat of an odd case when it comes to his personality. He is very outgoing, yet prefers to hide his emotions (whether hate or love) from almost everyone, and only one he truly trusts with his life can know how he feels. He will often silently stand and watch other people go about their daily business (he calls this "Studying" when really he uses this as a method of meditation.) Kabou also has a strange set of interests, those being Theater (Kabuki being his favorite,) Gardening, and Farming.


Kabou, in his younger state, appears as a short Land-Dweller with a large pumpkin hiding his face. This pumpkin has holes cut for the eyes and mouth, has a bonzai tree rather than a stem, and also is painted in a style similar to that of Kabuki face-painting. Kabou also wears black robes and dark-green kimono pants.

Upon reaching age 15, Kabou evolves to resemble a tall, thin plantlike humanoid. The head becomes a large blooming flower with several black lines strewn across the petals at random, the robes and pants somehow grow to match this new form, and small cherry-blossom petals always seem to appear around him.

Ms. X

A Crucite of unknown type, Ms. X is a mystery all in her own.


Being a recent creation, not much information is available, but from what was available, Ms. X was created by Jared after the second death of Hersephenes, using a mixture of energy from Hersephenes' right eye, Jared's DNA, dark energy released after Vhan's death, and most of the oil, flesh, and blood obtained after Hersephenes' fall blended together to create an easiy-morphable body. The final blend was somewhat small for what was thrown in, and was poured into a crate, which would function as it's shell and technical face. It quickly gained consciousness and ran towards Jared, seeing him as it's creator/father.

Despite having just recently been made, Ms. X seemed to show some intelligence. It could understand assigned tasks and how to complete them using logic and deductive reasoning, basic level of physics, though could not speak beyond a haunting laugh. No further testing was performed on it, and Ms. X now simply wanders around, often accompanied by an EQuartz employee, and the contents of it's crate remain a mystery to most... for now.


Ms. X's crate is surprisingly resilient, being immune to nearly any form of attack, and manually unboxing it is out of the question, as one would. Ms. X can open the lid of her crate to unleash either strange forms of energy or a massive dark arm to pull people in and presumably kill them. She can also hide in her crate like a shell to avoid damage to her body. The contents of it's crate can alter through various forms. These include an immense dark arm that moves one of it's eyes to the palm, a form that resembles a large young girl (with two versions of the previous form as it's arms) where the eyes move to where the girl's eyes would be and it gains a massive mouth that seems to erase anything it consumes from existence, a copy of the second form (but now capable of more movement by growing 1 1/2 legs (the second ends in the crate,)) and a final version (a massive, pale humanoid female) fully capable of speech and has control of both darkness and illusions.


Ms. X is a black-skinned Crucite child, with a large white X on her shirt and a wooden crate covering her whole head (save for her eyes which are seen through massive locks.) Being a child of that species, she is very short, and seems to have no special parts associated with being raised in one particular area, so many assume that she is a simple Land-Crucite. Aside from that, the only other thing notable about her appearane is that she also has a form tightly sealed within the crate.

This form physically develops in stages. The first form is simple a very large, black arm with one of Ms. X's eyes on the palm. The second form creates a very simple head (with both of Ms. X's eyes on that) with two copies of the previous form as arms. The third form develops this body immensely, now resembling a tall humanoid female (though the face remains the same, with two large eyes and an eerie red smile) with the legs beginning to form, though the ends of both are still stuck within the box.

Ms. X's final form is a tall, pale humanoid with quite long arms. What were once her eyes had now become patterns on her gloves, with her whole body having fully developed to a thin, yet shapely physique. Her body is concealed by a base dress and several different veils and robes worn over it. The legs have fully developed, and the whole body is now solely independent of the box and is no longer able to return to it due to now having a definite, solid shape.


Ms. X is a very quiet being. It seems to never talk, either because it can't or just doesn't want to. Some speculate that Ms. X knows several secrets about the many workers and the company itself, but whether this is true or not has yet to be revealed. Ms. X is also seemingly . Whenever anybody tries to sneak up on it, it will quickly detect that person, turn to laugh at them, then quickly dash away. Ms. X really doesn't care if somebody tries to unbox her crate, but will instead laugh at their foolish attempts to see what cannot be seen.

Devlin Maroco


After hatching from his egg, Devlin immediatly took towards the sky, somehow knowing exactly what it wanted to do with his life. He was raised by a sky-dweller that lived on top of a large hill, never going that high in it's life. Devlin would live an open life, onyl ever really supplied the basics from his guardian, who was never really around to properly raise him. As such, Devlin took to thinking for himself more early than average Crucite-children do, and would focus more on his interests rather than necessities. His biggest interests all had to do with luck, whether it be dice, betting, etc.

Upon hatching from his cocoon, Devlin would take his new form. This would finally give him more of an ability to do what he wants

Bebop Judorak


Bebop resembles a tall, thin humanoid wearing a thin colorless shirt and really baggy pants. His head is a cubicle Jukebox, and (probably not going to finish)




6000 edits on this wikia

Marathon'd Yugioh: Duelist of the Roses (both stories) in the span of 8-9 hours

600 hours on Team Fortress 2

6200 edits on this wikia as of 4/19/14 at 10:41PM Western.

6300 edits on this wikia

700 hours on Team Fortress 2

6400 edits on this wikia as of 6/08/14 at 9:06PM Western.

6500 edits on this wikia as of 6/23/25 at 10:34AM Western.

6600 edits.

6666 edits on this wikia as of 7/23/14 at 5:25 PM Western.

Purified every Shadow Pokemon in the video game "Pokemon: Gale of Darkness" for Nintendo Gamecube.

Goals/Bucket List

  • Learn how to draw/animate using a tablet
  • Make collection of Max Factory Figma's of Madoka Magica characters (so far, only got Mami in her magical girl form) 1/?
  • Confess red feelings for other user (will not spoil who, but may give hints throughout time, or just confess if she leaves wikia)
  • Make a Pokemon Nuzlocke Comic.
  • Learn what instrument is used during 2:12 to 2:31 of Rex Duodecim Angelus.
  • Obtain an Unusual Team Captain Effect Burning Flames on TF2.
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