Frost the Wolf

  • I live in The United States of America
  • I was born on October 17
  • My occupation is classified
  • I am a male

Man, most of my articles are out of date. I don't know if I'll find the time, energy, or motivation to change that.

My Characters

This is a list of my characters. Anyone who is Bolded is a character I use frequently. Italicized indicates that the character is so seldom used that he/she will probably either be deleted or never have a page created.

  • Robin Owsparr (character page incomplete)
  • Jay "Reikon" Owsparr (character page incomplete)
  • Azela the SandFox (not yet created)
  • Scorch the Hellhound  (despite being one of my characters, I may end up scraping him since I can't get his personality done the way I would want to.)
  • Misfortune the Fallen (Character page incomplete)
  • Liquid the Foxcoon (page not yet made)
  • Mr.B (Liquid's bodyguard, page not yet made, name is not final)
  • Sigma (A robot character, not yet made)
  • Joel the Lycalo (not yet made)
  • Maple the Mink (page not yet made, but made in co-operation with Ryushusupercat).
  • Oak the Mink (page not yet made, but made in co-operation with Ryushusupercat).

What I Like

  • Creating new characters
  • My characters (yes, even the villains)
  • Playing videogames (Mostly PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii)
  • Reading about sonic characters (original and fan-made)
  • Developing my characters
  • Soccer
  • Thinking of new ideas for characters
  • People who help me (especially with things I need help on)
  • Blaze the Cat (My favorite original Sonic charactrer)
  • Marine the Raccoon (It's fun to see how she annoys everyone else!)
  • The entire Sonic the Hedgehog cast (Except the villans of course)
  • Animated Movies (Dreamworks animation is fun to watch)
  • FRENCH FRIES!!! (Especially with Steak!)
  • Duct Tape (What would we do without it?)
  • Sonic Music (Knight of the Wind is just plain AWSOME!!)
  • Rock music. (I like a lot of the 80's music best. I also listen to other types of music.)
  • NAZI ZOMBIES!!! (My best solo record (without cheating) was Kino Der Toten, Round 32. My best co-op record (It was a two person game with my cousin) is Natch der Untoten, Round 16.)
  • BITF (Brawl in the Family). It is a webcomic about a lot of different nintendo video game characters. Sonic makes a few appearances as well. It is funny and worth looking up! Here is the link:
  • Team Fortress 2. My favorite class is pyro, but I'm also really good with Medic and Soldier, and pretty good with the other 6 classes.

What I DON"T Like

  • Having writer's block (or "typer's block" in this case)
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog villains (Seriously, Who even LIKES Eggman anyway?)
  • People who make fun of my (Or anyone else's) fan fictions.
  • Spiders
  • Scorpians (worse than spiders, they come with stingers! And pinchers!)
  • Not understanding how to do something.
  • People who refuse to help (It's one thing if they can't or don't know how. But if they DO know how and DON'T help, that's just mean!)
  • When I can't seem to draw my character the way I want to.
  • Getting left behind in roleplays. (Don't people ever wait anymore?)
  • Leaving others behind in roleplays. (I appologize if I ever did this to any of you. I try to avoid it if I can.)


This is a list of the friends (and former friends who no longer visit) I have made on SFW.

  • CrymsonShokwave (Perhaps my closest friend on SFW, and she's a very talented artist. She and I have done quite a few roleplays together.)
  • Monk the Cat (My other best friend on SFW. I often go to him for advice, and I consider him a trustworthy person with a bright mind.)
  • True Lycalo (Formerly known as SonShadSilve003, he is a talented roleplayer. He has created several great characters, and is always fun to have in a roleplay.)
  • SPop120 ( She is a fun person to roleplay with and has a creative mind.)
  • Flametfh (One of my closest friends on SFW. We've done several roleplays together. He usually has some interesting ideas for roleplays. However, he has left SFW. From time to time, we still talk together.)
  • User:TheDarkMantis15 (Another person I consider to be a close friend. He and I share many interests and have done a lot of roleplays together. A fun person to be around.)
  • Minato : (A good roleplayer. He and I have been putting in a lot of time into a private roleplay and are having a lot of fun. His characters are very interesting and he does a great job roleplaying and providing feedback on my characters.)
  • Starry : (I don't speak to her very often, but she's a great person to roleplay with. And is also a fun person to be around.)


This is a list of people I know and are on good to excellent terms with, but not exactly friends with either.

  • Flashfire212 (One of the administrators and probably my first friend on this site. It's been a while since I last spoke with him...)
  • Smash The Echidna (An Administrator and skilled roleplayer, he has my respect. He also has the respect of many of the other users on Sonic Fanon Wiki)
  • MoisKeroro-GoSFA (Good friend. First friend I've done a roleplay with.)
  • HS664 (For the most part, we get along well. However, outside of Roleplays and Talkplays, we don't talk to each other often.)
  • MetalTD (She seems like a good person. And I think her characters are interesting.)

Memorable Chat Moments

A collection of Talkplays and discussions that took place on the chat that I fell like are worth retaining. Feel free to read them if you wish. :D

Medical Mayhem: (Starring Dr. Vicktor the Hyena and Dante the Shepherd) (me and DarkMantis)

  • Frost the WolfI'm looking forward to using my new medic character in the RP Breathe.
  • Hey, mantis, would you mind if my hyena performed needless open heart surgery on Dante
  • ?
  • 1:17TheDarkMantis15That would be morbidly funny
  • "Uh, doc, I'm pretty sure that's m liver."
  • 1:18Frost the Wolf"How would you know? You can't even /feel/ anything right now!"
  • 1:18HauntedAlchemistit'll be like surgeon simulator
  • 1:19Frost the WolfExcept the patient would be awake, so Vicktor would have someone to talk to.
  • 1:20Frost the Wolf
  • small mouse gets pops out between a few of Dante's organs* "Aristotle, no! Get out of there. Have you any idea how disgusting it is in there?"
  • 1:21Frost the Wolf
  • looks at Dante and chuckles nervously* Mice. If they were any more curious, they'd be cats."
  • "and possibly dead ones at that."
  • 1:21TheDarkMantis15"....I can't feel my legs!"
  • 1:22Frost the Wolf"Vell, I should hope so. Otherwise, that'd mean the pain inhibition serum is starting to wear off."
  • 1:23HauntedAlchemistAristotle... there was a rat named that in TMNT
  • 1:23Frost the WolfReally? Coincidence.
  • 1:23Frost the WolfBut a good, unintentional reference.
  • 1:23HauntedAlchemistindeed
  • 1:23TheDarkMantis15"...pretty sure my stomach's not supposed to go the-OW!"
  • 1:25Frost the Wolf"That wasn't your stomach, dumbkoft. That was your pancreas. Ah, here's the heart." *takes it out* Now, most of my patients' hearts could not withstand this voltage... *takes out a small device of some sort* But I believe your heart should be fine.
  • 1:25TheDarkMantis15"....I'm not liking this!"
  • 1:26Frost the Wolf"Oh, don't be such a baby. What could possibly go wr-" As soon as he plugs the device in, the heart explodes, covering Vicktor with blood. Meanwhile, one of the Hyena's pidgeons is hit dead on by a chunk of heart and is knocked clean off it's perch. Glass shatters*
  • 1:27TheDarkMantis15
  • insert cluster f-bomb here from Dante*
  • 1:28Frost the Wolf
  • licks his lips* Mmm. Type B. Too much blood sugar, though. I say you must start eating healthier, mein friend."
  • turns around and gets something out of the fridge* ah, here we go.
  • 1:29TheDarkMantis15"Rations all day, every day, doc. Are we done yet? I'd like to not bleed everywhere I walk."
  • 1:31Frost the WolfHold on. You can't go anywhere without a heart, now can you? *plugs device into new heart. Heart starts beating. Slowly at first, but then rapidly as an eerie red glow starts forming* *starts laughing. CHuckling at first, but soon turns to manicial laughter
  • 1:32TheDarkMantis15"....please tell me that's just you laughing at my (nonexistant) humor."
  • 1:33Frost the Wolf
  • the heart beats so fast it looks like it'll explode. Vicktor stops laughing and braces himself, just in case it explodes again. However, the beating dies down and returns to a normal rate. The eerie red glow also stops. "oh. That looks good." *drops the heart into Dante's chest cavity*
  • 1:33TheDarkMantis15"!" *cue atomic f-bomb*
  • 1:34Frost the Wolf"really, now. Is that necessary? I could do a tongue replacement surgery next, you know."
  • 1:35TheDarkMantis15"Please no."
  • 1:35Frost the Wolf"Nearly done. But, I need you to do one more favor."
  • 1:35TheDarkMantis15"?"
  • 1:35Frost the Wolf"hold your ribs back a bit. I'm having trouble getting the heart to it's proper place."
  • 1:36TheDarkMantis15"Ffffffffff-"
  • 1:36Frost the Wolf
  • looks at Dante with a warning look*
  • 1:36TheDarkMantis15"-fffffffffffffffFINE."
  • he does just that*
  • 1:37Frost the Wolf"Danke. Now then." *starts pushing the heart into place, grunting with effort* "Come.... on.... Ah!" *heart's in place, but a rib snaps*
  • 1:38TheDarkMantis15"GAH! [censored]!!!"
  • 1:39Frost the Wolf
  • looks at the piece of rib Dante is holding. Then takes it and pinches Dante's cheek* Oh, don't be such a baby. Ribs grow back. *throws away the rib and turns around. The pidgeon that had been struck with Dante's old heart is sitting on a perch in front of him.* *Vicktor leans close to the pidgeon and whispers* "actually, no zey don't."
  • 1:40TheDarkMantis15"Hurts like a mother!"
  • 1:41Frost the Wolf
  • Vicktor takes a large device that looks vaguely like a canon and aims it close to Dante's torso. The device emits a ominous sound as a blue etherial-like energy begins to leave the mouth of the device and starts covering Dante's torso. The torso begins to close up, healing him completely. Most of the pain was gone too.*
  • 1:42Frost the Wolf"There you go. Done!"
  • 1:42TheDarkMantis15
  • beat* "...I won't fall apart like a house of cards if I stand up now, will I?"
  • 1:42Frost the Wolf"No."
  • 1:42TheDarkMantis15
  • he gets up slowly and tentatively stands*
  • 1:43Frost the Wolf
  • Dante successfully stands without trouble. In fact, he feels a bit more energized than usual*
  • 1:44TheDarkMantis15"I'm feeling more... bouncy all of a sudden. Not sure if good or bad." 
  • 1:45Frost the Wolf"That'd be the adrenal boost. Or... the anti-depressents. Not sure which."
  • 1:46TheDarkMantis15"...okay then. Well, I'm off, then." *he goes to leave*
  • 1:46Frost the Wolf
  • A muffled cooing noise is heard*
  • "Hmm?"
  • 1:48Frost the Wolf(the cooing noise emits from deep inside... Dante? Dante's stomach also rumbles a bit)
  • 1:48TheDarkMantis15"Gah!" *Dante grabs his gut*
  • 1:49Frost the Wolf"Oh, no. Not again..." *runs over to help Dante.
  • 1:49TheDarkMantis15"Doc, don't [censored]ing tell me you left one of yer pets in me!"
  • 1:50Frost the Wolf"Hmm." *puts on a pair of goggles and peers into Dante's torso* "Archamedes, again?!? First Frost, then Hiero, now him? Oi. Alright, this will be an easy fix. No surgery needed."
  • 1:50TheDarkMantis15"What are you gonna do??"
  • 1:51Frost the Wolf(gives the heimlic maneuver, causing Dante to cough up Archimedes, along with a few feathers. The dove lands on the floor, covered with mucus.)
  • 1:51Frost the WolfArchimedes: @w@
  • 1:52TheDarkMantis15"HEUGH!"
  • 1:52Frost the Wolf"There. Good as new."
  • 1:52TheDarkMantis15"....ew."
  • 1:52Frost the Wolf"Well, you are, anyway. Archimedes here will need to be treated."
  • 1:53TheDarkMantis15"Can I [honk]ing go now?"
  • 1:53Frost the Wolf"Hmm..." *checks a schedule* "Ja. But you're due for a dental appointment in three weeks."
  • 1:54TheDarkMantis15"Eh. Whatever." *Dante quickly rushes out, grumbling curses*
  • 1:55Frost the Wolf
  • watches Dante run out, then turns to review his work* Hmm. And they say I shouldn't be doing this without a proper medical license. *chuckles to himself* Well, I showed them! Erm, wait.... vhat's this?
  • looks at the schedule, realizing that Dante was not scheduled for a heart-transplant-experiment, but for the dental appointment.*
  • ....
  • 1:56TheDarkMantis15(Oh dear)
  • 1:57Frost the Wolf"Oh dear."
  • 1:57HauntedAlchemist(oh my goodness just wooooooow)
  • 1:57TheDarkMantis15(Dante's definitely not gonna like that)
  • 1:57Frost the Wolf"well, at least it's taken care of early." *checks his storage to account for his supplies*
  • "Ah, yes. Still have more hearts, spleens, oh so very important, grenades, prototyp- ... grenades?"
  • picks it up, examining it*
  • 2:00TheDarkMantis15(.3.?)
  • 2:02Frost the Wolf"Ah, ja! I remember. My prototype 'bio-boom' grenade! Designed to release a massive amount of healing pheromones and chemicals in a similar manner a normal grenade releases shrapnel. Still vorking out the bugs, but it'll allow multiple people to be healed within the detonation radius. I just need to figure out how to release it with the force required to activate the substance, but without ripping apart anything in it's blast radius. Oh, look! It even has three protruding spikes on the end of it so it can stick to surfaces!" *puts it back* "And to think it looks similar to the prototype adrenal boost for the heart."
  • "............. Wait a minute."
  • HauntedAlchemist has sped off to the next zone! 
  • 2:03TheDarkMantis15(...oh crap)
  • 2:03Frost the Wolf
  • looks back out the door, where Dante left*
  • "ohhhhhhhhhh crap."
  • 2:03TheDarkMantis15(Yeah, that's definitely gonna be trouble)
  • 2:04Frost the Wolf"Okay, okay. As long as he doesn't do anything to activate it, such as a hard impact to the chest, he'll be fine."
  • 2:04TheDarkMantis15(Gotta get to bed, later)
  • 2:04Frost the Wolf
  • flashback of Dante thumping his chest*
  • ".........."
  • "Nah, that's not hard enough to-" *Explosion heard from nearby*


I take a long time to draw pictures, but when I finally finish them, this is where I'll put them.

Static the Cat (colored)

First picture of Static the Cat (colored on Microsoft paint)

Crymson the Cat (colored)

Colored version of first Crymson the Cat drawing

Mimic the Mockingbird

First drawing of Mimic the Mockingbird (uncolored)

Crymson the Cat (drawing)

First drawing of Crymson the Cat for CrymsonShokwave

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