aka You can call me the Bone Master!*Cackle*

  • I live in Oh here and there, why do you care?
  • My occupation is Being a riot at graveyards! No seriously, I am!
  • I am I am male.

"Welcome to my hall of records. I am the Chronicler."

About Me

FroZenHyBrid is dead.

I am now CalamityStorm. CalamityStorm

Work list

Character pages to do list

  • Add and Rewrite most of the pages I have here.
  • Fix the problems with Mephisto's page's writing, perspective, and everything else

Items To-do list

  • Revamp Calamity Opal's page(Nearly done)

Forms To-do List

  • Revamp Darklight form
  • Make perfect form usable by all

Roleplay to do list

Making roleplays

  • Nothing to make

Editing Roleplays

  • Nothing.

Other to do list

  • Work on and Flesh out the Calamity opals page.

Other links

My deviantart account Link:

Me Wanna see!:

Interesting facts

  • To be honest, You can call me Chronicler now. I'm pretty much done with this username. Only reason I still have it is because I'm stuck with it.

Links to certain pages

I seriously need this template

Template Mobians 2:

Template Mobians:

Character Gallery (New AND Old)

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