Sonic Fanon Wiki

As of July 2019, I'm officially retiring as an active staff member, and resigning myself to Legacy Staff.  I'll still be around on the server Discord if anyone needs me.

Some History

I joined SFW back in 2012, back when the community wanted to jump ship and leave Wikia. At that time I had proposed a system to download all the wiki's contents and transfer them to a privately managed wiki of our own. This was when we realized that the contents of the wiki (including its articles, images, and other content) was well over 100GB. The ability to move it to another server was swiftly abandoned due to the massive size requirements (at the time), and the realization that the wiki was as big as some people's entire hard drives sparked a cleanup revolution.

At the time we were trying to reduce the amount of spam and junk, but that eventually turned into laying out the quality standards, which would require pages to have a minimum amount of content in them in order to be allowed to exist on the wiki. The idea behind it was to allow us to clean up the pages that had no real content in them, while also encouraging the users to create pages with decent content before posting them.

During this time, a democratic process for voting on wiki changes was born, bringing forth the Wiki Improvement board. This is where the current SFW Policy was voted into place.

Once the quality standards were in place, User:SFWBOT was born in order to help automate the process of maintaining the large number of pages that would fill Category:Candidates for Deletion. The bot has since fallen into disrepair, however I'll be bringing it back online soon.