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Hello I'm Fairfieldfencer, (you can call me FFF for short) I'm 14 years old and learned how to fence from the Liverpool fencing club. I am a very big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog games, (I've been into it ever since I got Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast) Artemis Fowl & various others. I have currently done 3,423 edits. Hope you like my userpage.

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  • E-123 Omega (favourite Sonic video game character)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (favourite Sonic comic and second favourite video game character)
  • Doctor Eggman (favourite Sonic game villain)
  • Mammoth Mogul (favourite Sonic comic villain)
  • Rouge the Bat (favourite Sonic video game girl)
  • Shade (second favourite Sonic game girl)
  • Lien-Da (favourite Sonic comic girl)
  • Sally Acorn and Julie-Su (second favourite Sonic comic girls. It's hard to choose between them.)
  • Artemis Fowl (favourite AF character)
  • Domovoi Butler (second favourite AF character)
  • Holly Short (favourite AF girl)





  • NOTE: Just to let you know I didn't write this personality section. I asked a friend to write it for me, unfortunately my friend didn't say very flattering things so I had to ask another friend to do it.

Generous, kind, and thoughtful. Very creative and imaginative. May become secretive and vague. Sensitive. Doesn't like details. Dreamy and unrealistic. Sympathetic and loving. Kind. Can be selfish. Usually calm but when I lose my temper I really lose it.


Physical appearance

  • Eyes-Blue
  • Skin-Pale caucasian.
  • Height-Approximately 5ft 8in.
  • Hair-A mousey brown colour.
  • Weight-Approximately 10 stone (64 kilos 144lbs). (You wouldn't believe it if you saw me though, I'm really quite skinny.)

Sonic couples I support

My contributions




Continuation of Encounters dealing with the other threats on Mobius.


Spin Offs

Lines To Be Used

    • Eggman: "You said yourself, rodent, that the major flaw in my schemes was that whenever you couldn't handle a situation I threw at you, your friends would step in and succeed where you failed. Therefore, the only logical thing to do is eliminate your friends."
    • Eggman: "If you'd never got in the way of my plans in the first place, I wouldn't have had to do this. The spilled blood of your friends soaks your own hands, not mine."
    • "What the heck was that!?"
    • "It was big! And I don't do well with big!!"
  • Eggman: "It's either death or defeat, Rodent! And I hate losing!"
    • "Who are you?"
    • Commander Westwood: "Just an old man ready to die for humanity's purpose. Everything else I need to do with my life is done with. All that's left is to go down fighting so I can take a long rest underground, and I look forward to it."
  • Tails mulled this question over, his namesakes swishing from side to side as he thought.
  • "Those miserable creatures will never defeat me, Snively. They clutch me like a duck's egg between their thumb and forefinger, squeezing for all their worth at the top and the bottom. But try as they might, they will not break me."

Chaos Control Description

Chaos Control was often described as warping through time and space, which doesn't explain much. The process works only for those in possession of a Chaos Emerald or with a physical link to the Chaos Force. When you use Chaos Control without an emerald, your body and only your body will be able to be dragged great distances your destination as time freezes around you. With a Chaos Emerald, more than one person can go through the process as the gem itself will pull them. It can also work without the user having to be dragged and merely moving to where he wants and do as he wishes until the power fades.

Halo Clan Tags

Dark Thunder

  • Emblem
    • Foreground #27: Thor (toggled).
    • Background #9: Cleft.
    • Emblem Primary: Steel.
    • Emblem Background: White.
  • Clan Tag
    • DTHC.

United Divsion Force

  • Emblem
    • Foreground #49: Headshot.
    • Background #46: Sprocket.
    • Emblem Primary: White.
    • Emblem Secondary: White.
    • Emblem Background: Brick.
  • Clan Tag
    • UDFC.

Reach Legends

  • Emblem
    • Foreground #38: Mombasa (toggled).
    • Background #1: Blank.
    • Emblem Primary: White.
  • Clan Tag
    • FMRL.
  • Armour
    • One piece must be ODST.
  • Armour Colours
    • Primary: Steel.
    • Secondary: Silver.
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