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About me

Yo i am eternalAbyssJustice. if you know me on youtube then call me Darkness or Dracula. i go by any of them so i have no care. well i should mention my fancharacter named Darkness.


Check this out you gotta look at this! I fixed the link so it works now


Music i like

my favorite on the list is gone.... :( TTvTT The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Pumpkin Hil Remix) Pumpkin Hill = Dmc4 = kh 358/2

My True other half

IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT I AM DO NOT DIS ME FOR IT! I LIKE THIS STUFF SO DEAL WITH IT! Juggalo family by Dark Lotus in my room by ICP red mist by Boondox Story of our Lives by Twiztid

Random stuff il find


Template page for easy access

yeah i need it so figgen what!?

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