• I live in In a box
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Being a nerd
  • I am a nerd

12/30/2014- Been at SFW for two years~

12/30/2013 - Been at SFW a year, now.

1,000 edits! 

2,000 edits!!!! 

3,000 edits. That took forever. uou

Hello! My username is SPop120 but you may call me SPop (most call me this), and I'm an average user who enjoys to roleplay. Not much else about me, really.

My characters


  • Auburn the Fox 
  • Alia the Foxbat 
  • Yin the Dingobat 
  • Maeve the Carabat (Caracal/Bat) 
  • Jonas the Carabat 
  • Star the Vuerna
  • Bentley the Vuerna 
  • Avery the Otter
  • Ae-Cha the Encantado Dolpin 
  • Candle the Hedgewolf 
  • Lantern the Hedgewolf
  • Aura the Angelwolf
  • Vala the Fox
  • Jun the Hedgehog
  • Rhoadie the Cat


  • Eclipse the Angelfox
  • Neiva the Foxwolf 
  • Cymbeline the Wolf Lycalo 
  • Keshet the Mouse
  • Saki the Squid
  • Otsune the Squid
  • Domino the Mouse
  • Adelaide the Echidna 
  • Athena the Ioris
  • Momo the Caracal
  • Kimi the Bat
  • Tadashi the Wolf
  • Blue the Cow
  • Sorrel "Sora" the Culpeo
  • Elodie the Lagoon Snake
  • Fromage the Mouse
  • ??? the Tasmanian Devil
  • Saber the Sugar Glider
  • Delta the Wolf
  • Aceline the Sheep
  • Helios the Pine Marten
  • Kuroi the Camel


  • Erebos the Demon

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Skype: SPop120


Do not steal any of this artwork, claim it as your own, or copy it. You have been warned. Thank you, have a wonderful day. :) 
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