Elly has an intro

So you're looking at this, and that's really cool~

I'm Elly, Elly the Dragon! I'm doing stuff in this fanon as a way to practice for my own original work, not affiliated with any series. Regardless, I am very much a big Sonic fan; Sonic was one of the first series I was able to play (had to hide video game stuff from parents, limiting me to handhelds. As such, my first and favorite series are the Battle Network series, the Pokemon games, and the Sonic games somewhat less than the last two), and I started off with Sonic Advance 2, 3, and Sonic Battle.

I'm a semi competitive Pokemon battler, so if that's your thing then that's neat! I'm a pretty sub-par artist but I'm practicing so THAT'S GOOD.

The characters I have on here will most likely just be adaptations of characters from my work. Regardless, if you're interested in a roleplay with one or some of them or something, I might be for it, I dunnooooo~

I'm currently working with SOMEONE on SOMETHING. My character pages will update when the things of the happening happen and the somethings of darkness and light and the hearts of death and the shadow of life etc etc.

My deviantart is http://ellyaely.deviantart.com/ warning: may contain my sub-par art

If you have anything to say to me, send a message my way! I'd like to think I'm nice~


People have been bugging me to make a list so here goes. Those in bold are my closest friends, those italicized are only kind of on (as in, haven't really contributed much personally to, or only kind of care about) the wiki, and that's all. If you think you should be on the list, put yourself in the Pit of Judgment and I'll think about it~


  • Smash the Echidna - Practically my brother. He was the one who got me to join the wiki, and his work never ceases to amaze me. Really great, jolly guy, and I can always count on him ^^
  • Medley chan - A super bestie! I'm pretty much a part of this family in general, aheh. We get into all kinds of antics and wacky hijinks, always so much fun to be had~
  • Kapus - Sweetest person ever? Possibly~ Also a part of my "family", don't call her that unspeakable name that's on the wiki because that's not nice.
  • TheSkullWolf - A slimy reptile that lives in a damp place. Pretty nice, and we have interesting conversations from time to time.
  • TheDarkMantis15 - Also quite nice. We probably don't talk as much as we should about things. Real fun dude.
  • The Black Dragon of Orihara - At least you're nice enough to me ^^; He's made some interesting things I've been a part of. Silliness ensues.
  • HauntedAlchemist - Very sweet to me for I dunno why. Makes really great art but denies it vehemently~
  • Darkest Shadow - Really nice! Like Mantis, we probably don't talk as much as we should about things.
  • TheDarkGenesis - You make some pretty nifty stuff~ Rather nice guy, and our convos are quite interesting.
  • Chamesthehero - We don't talk as much as we should, but when we do I find it interesting. I enjoy talking about the guy's work with him on occasion.
  • Reens the Hedgehog - A real sweetums, but sadly we don't get the chance to talk that much.


  • Nikki-Kaji - She's pretty nice, but I dunno if she'd consider me a friend, since we really don't chat enough. She has really good characters!
  • WickedZekrom - The same as above. She's nice, and we get along, but she probably doesn't consider me a friend. Makes some cool art!
  • FroZenHyBrid - Well, he's nice to me at least, but we don't really talk about much.
  • PowerMouse - This guy seems to be okay with my existence at least. We don't talk about much.


Pit of Judgment

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