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This is an article about Manor (character), a character created by Edd Shwartz on 04/14/2013.


Manor is a short, black-haired, teenaged human being.  He wears a cerulean jacket, a black muscle shirt, and yellow pants.  He is in no way considered to be handsome by anyone (except himself).  He wears a gold chain around his neck in an effort to look cool.  He also has brown eyes.


Manor is a short-tempered, egotistical, greedy, unintelligent, boastful boy.  He's always trying to find some way to get himself some screen time.  He's also a liar, often getting his "friends," who are apparently even dumber than he is, into believing that he is smarter than Tails, Stronger than Knuckles, and a bigger hero than Sonic.  Despite all this, Manor has proven that he is, indeed, a skilled warrior, capable of fighting Dr. Eggman's robots.  He's not exactly a hero, but he's not exactly a villain, either.


Manor was dropped off at the Hill Top School for Martial Artists by his mother when he was young.  Despite the fact that he could go home at any point and his mother sends him a care package every month, he has resented his mother for "abondoning him."  Manor managed to convince the other kids there that he was a hero, and eventually came to the top of the totem pole at the school.


  • Manor was originally inspired by Chazz Princeton from the Yu-gi-oh GX series.  He was intended to be an elite despite being a goofball like Koozaxx.
  • At one point, he was supposed to be part of a Sonic Heroes style trio, consisting of Koozaxx, Guardian , and himself.
  • The role Manor will play in The Remarkable Adventures of Sonic and Koozaxx is currently unknown, as the author is revising his character.
  • Manor at one point was supposed to have an even more dim-witted sister.  It is unknown is this character will ever see the light of day.
  • Manor will experience some character development throughout the story.
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