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About meh:

My name is Dusk, a dark-grey hedgehog with dragon-wings. I live in a realm that I created, known as Xenonia. The realm is always in night. I can't go into sunlight,or I'll burn to ash. Xenonia has a single moon which has sun-like properties, in a moon form. All the plants thrive off of the moon's rays. Every full moon, at midnight, a strange light show appears over the palace. No one knows what causes it, but it's the most beautiful thing to see when you're in Xenonia. Dusk has many forms, all of which are powerful, but all perish in the sun's rays except one.

Super Form: A more powerful version of myself, and I glow a light grey colour.

Dark Form: Like my super form, only my spines become longer and my wings spread. I glow blackish.

Ghost Form: A semi-transparent version of my super form.

Spirit Form: A semi-transparent version of my dark form.

Demon Form: Like my dark form, only my eye whites turn deep red, my fangs grow out, and my claws grow out.

Dragon Form: When I turn into a 20ft dragon.

Spectral Form: Like my super form, only my body and glow turns rainbow.

Creation Form: When I turn into the exact opposite of myself. (A light grey, blue eyed hedghog with light powers)


Dusk was once a light grey hedgehog with blue eyes named Crimson, and he lived with his family; Aqua (mother), Static (father), Summer (younger brother). He was supposed to have a twin sister named Lilac, but something happened before birth, and Lilac seemed to disappear. They had a great live in Mobius, until a group of soldiers came over and attacked. Aqua disappeared, and Static fought until he died. The soldiers kidnapped Crimson and Summer, and took them to a strange realm. Over the next few years, the strange beings experimented on them. But, one fateful day, one experiment failed. Crimson, filled with rage against his kidnappers, broke free. The darkness within filled his heart, body and mind. Crimson turned into Dusk, and he destroyed the labs and fought his way out. But, in his rage, he forgot to rescue his sibling. He escaped and ran through a portal he made.

He ended up in a strange room. Or what looked like a room. He couldn't see anything, but she noticed a small stone pedistal. He approached it, and saw a pink potion, and a purple candle. A voice told him to drink and light. Whatever that meant. He understood the first order, but not the second. So, he drank the potion. Suddenly, as if on cue, a small match appeared. He lit the candle, and Xenonia took form. He entered the realm, but he noticed that he was lost. The portal gone, he wandered the streets. Until a mysterious cloaked fox came over, adopted him, and took him to her house. The two lived there for a year, until his 14th birthday. When he came home, the place was empty, and the fox was gone. The only thing left in the house was the figure's strange robes.

He eventually wandered into the palace, searching for her, and he felt like he belonged here. No one seemed to mind, so he stayed, and he became the prince. He's lived there ever since.


Destruction Magic: Fire, Water/Ice, Earth, Air, Darkness, Light/Electricity, Chaos, Poison, Damage, Drain, Disintegrate Weapon/Armour, Fortify, Resist

Restoration Magic: Heal Self, Heal Other, Cure, Absorb Magicka/Health

Illusion Magic: Invisiblity, Chameleon, Starlight, Clone, Night-eye, Charm, Ghostwalk

Mystitism Magic: Dispel, Soul Trap, Enchant, Telekinesis, Detect Life

Conjuration Magic: Summon Creature, Summon Humanoid, Summon Item

Alteration Magic: Cast Shields, Unlock Doors/Containers, Water Breathe, Water Walk, Feather

Weapons and Battlegear

Midnight's Sound (Enchanted Guitar)




Darkfire Blades

Nightblade (Razor-sharp enchanted dai-katana)


Dragon Wings


Hidden Blades

Throwing Knifes/Stars/Darts


Silver Longsword (Used to kill ghosts, spirits, werewolves, ect.)

Wrist Cannons

Other Fancharacters

(from oldest to youngest)

Myra the Fox (21)

Nocturnal the Cat (17)

Frostfire the Fox (17)

Sarah the Lioness (15)

Ashley the Hedgehog (15)

Coco the Chocolate Seedrian (14)

Forest the Fox (13)

Dawn the Hedgehog (12)

Carter the Cat (11)

Jared and Jasmine the Raccoons (10)

Split the Fox (Physically: 8 Mentally: 6)

Luna the Stuffed Toy Fox (Unknown)

Lily the Shinigami Fox (Physically: 3865+ Mentally: 5)

Stories and Roleplays


Xenonian Species

Roleplay:Game Over

Roleplay:Left 4 Dead 2.5

Roleplay:Xenonia Battle Royale

Interactive Story: The Secret

Interactive Story: Attack of the Clones

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