aka Chibi-senpai

  • I live in Kawai-ville
  • I was born on June 8
  • My occupation is tripping and falling on my face.
  • I am a chibi.

My Status

Feeling: Omnomnom-ish

Thinking: Nothing.

About Me

There isn't really much to say about me. I'm a green loving, drum playing, cool sweet and sensitive guy who knows how to treat a lady and loves life. Also I will be making a few articles about certain people on mobius like Tails, Silver, Manic, and maybe some other fanfiction characters. Hope you enjoy my work!!!!!!

180px-Isaih Request vbjhvfgvg

Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox, my Fursona


Age: 15 (but sometimes my actions speak higher than that)

Gender: Male/Straight (PERIOD)

Favorite Color: Green

Instrument: Drums

Religion: Christian

Skin Color: White

Origin: USA

Ancestry: Scotch Irish

School: Homeschooled

Likes: Reading, video games, tv, computer, making friends, meeting friends, sonic, mario, ect.

Dislikes: Bullies, cussing, fighting, ect.

Romace Status: Single

Political Status: Conservative

Siblings: User:GeneralKnight, and User:ShadowDragonKnight

Friends: You know who you are. :3




My Favorite Bands

  • Kutless
  • Demon Hunter
  • Pillar
  • Skillet
  • Switchfoot
  • Red
  • Casting Crowns
  • Third Day ect.

Signature Test

My life is all for God. Deal with it. 02:15, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

Next time you see me...I just might not be there. 19:19, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

Sing the Anthem of the Angels.........And say your last goodbye. 13:52, July 2, 2012 (UTC)

Cheese Graters for everyone! The Narwhal King commands it! All hail King Jay Jay! 22:24, July 30, 2012 (UTC)

My Parable

"Well, if the days of my own life permit me farther than I might seek, May the God of all Creation make my life abundant and great. Only He can show me my weaknesses and strengths, and only He can give and take away. So I swear my life to do his bidding and follow the lifted up, until I can no longer see the light of day. God watches over me and makes my life the way it is. I shall always follow Him until the world is made new..." 

My Fanfic Characters



  • Quake (Geo)
  • Shifter (Renegade)
  • Skylar (Isaiah)

Net Navis

  • Angel.exe (Isaiah)
  • Gaia.exe (Geo)
  • Enigma.exe (Renegade)


  • Kiseki (Isaiah)

My Fandom Likes

  • Pokemon
  • Megaman
  • Digimon
  • Golden Sun
  • RVB
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!


  • Gyro the Gearhog. Thanks Hika! ^_^
  • Geo the Hedgehog
  • Isabella the Fox
  • Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox
  • A.R.K.
  • E.O.N.
  • G.E.A.R.
  • M.A.G.E.
  • Always fight for freedom! The world is ours!
  • Isaiah's Sprite. :D
  • William the Hedgewolf (His Tail is behind his arm. :P)
  • Dante the Hedgehog
  • Taylor the Hedgechimp (Remember him. :P)
  • My newest Data Realmer.
  • This is Griogar. :P
  • Draon in the house. :P
  • Its me again. XD
  • Isaiah, Pokemon Trainer
  • Isaiah (Human)

Battle Themes

Knight of the Wind by Crush 40 (Main Theme of Sonic and the Black Knight)

Knight of the Wind by Crush 40 (Main Theme of Sonic and the Black Knight)

Main Battle Song

Surrogates- Breaking Benjamin

Surrogates- Breaking Benjamin

Sub-Battle Theme

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