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|Head Scientist
|Head Scientist
|[[Skyler The Hedgehog]]
|[[Skyler the Hedgehog]]

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Guardian Units of Nations
Organization Information
Also known as
  • G.U.N.
  • GUN
  • The military
  • Serve as a military and police force for the United Federation and countries under the organization's protection
  • Combat threats to international security to humankind
  • Act as a national police force for the United Federation
Enemy organizations
  • None currently
"The international security organization, G.U.N. has begun to investigate the event."
—A news broadcaster on the MeteorTech incident.

The Guardian Units of Nations (commonly abbreviated to G.U.N.) is a military organization that serves as protectors of the Earth. They are apparently based in the United Federation, and have strong links with the President of Central City. The military has been active for over fifty years, and has had numerous encounters with various forms of evil on the planet. One of G.U.N.'s past actions include the Raid of Space Colony Ark, which was an attack on Professor Gerald Robotnik's research center based in space after they learned that the professor was creating dangerous artificial life. The raid resulted in the deaths of many researchers as well as Robotnik's granddaughter, Maria.

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Base of Operations

So far there are various bases all over Mobius that are owned by G.U.N. The most notable of them all is the main base that is located in Central City. There are other bases, like the one in Prison Island.




  • Name means name of the character, a link is preferred.
  • Rank means Rank of Character. If the character is a agent then put it in the Rank section.
  • Additional Information means if the character is the leader of a certain squad or team or the character is a Sniper in G.U.N for example.

Commanders, Colonels and Generals

This section includes Commanders in Chief, Commanders, Naval Commanders, Wing Commanders, Star Commanders, Lance Commanders, Colonels and Generals.

Name Rank Additional Information
Raiden The ??? (Decreased) Commander in Chief Head Scientist
Skyler the Hedgehog General Soldier
Strife The Grey Wolf-Leopard Hybrid General N/A

Lieutenants and Sergeants

This section includes Lieutenants and Sergeants.

Name Rank Additional Information
Breeze The Hedgehog-Wolf Hybrid Sergeant Soldier


This section includes Agents.

Name Rank Additional Information

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