aka Pedro Henrique Monteiro da Costa

  • I live in Itaborai City/ Rio de janeiro on Brazil
  • My occupation is Studant
  • I am Male

My Characters




MY Galery

Tropes About My works in this wikia

This section is about my works in general, to specific tropes about the characters, see they pages

  • Elemental Powers
    • Star Power:
  • Evil Counterpart: Team Team Darkron to Star-Dust.
  • Five Man Band:
    • The Hero: Amethyst
    • The Lancer: Hexos
    • The Smart Guy: Mamba
    • The Big Guy: Tidal
  • Our Dragons Are different: Some dragonkins can transform into a dragon.
  • Shot out: Aside of the Expys above, my creations haves some references to other series.
    • Naruto: Mamba never meet her parents is similar to Naruto never meet his parents
    • Vanguard Cardfigth: The abyss dragon transformation share to same name of a race from Shadow Paladin Clan used by Susugamori Ren.
    • Digimon: The Abyss dragon form is similar to the dark digievolution and the characters become berserker via dark powers.
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