Dionisio Garcia

aka The Lord of Darkness

  • I live in The World of Darkness
  • My occupation is Evil Overlord
  • I am Always Watching


April 23, 2015- I've just reached 100 edits. YES!

April 27, 2015- I've reached 108 edits, that's my favorite number!

May 15, 2015-I've reached 200 edits. Double YES!

May 19, 2015-I've reached 250 edits. 2 and a half yesses.(YES YE)

May 26,2015-I've reached 300 edits. Triple YES!

Basic Information about myself

1. I'm very comedic.

2. I don't mind jokes.

3. I have a sorta twisted mind.

4.I enjoy RPG style games, but I dabble in shooters, fighters, and racing.

My Upcoming Projects

1.Sonic Smash Bros. 2(I think It'll start sometime in January)

My Current Projects

1.Sonic Smash Bros.(I think I'll start it in December)

Items I Created

1.Star's Stave(My first item)

2.Stave of Time

3.Stave of Space

4.Stave of Existence(This one's OP)

5.Sword of Souls

6.Sword of Insanity

7.Sword of the Abyss

8.Bow of Death(This one's OP)

9.Spear of Judgement(This one's OP)

10.Green Bow

11.Spear of Light

12.Spear of Ashes

13.Bow of Purging

Completed Work

1. Vuxo the Hedgehog(My first character and my first article, he's OP)

2. Vanguard the Savior(An android I created to be a hero)

3. Johnny the Deadly(A character with multiple powers)

4.Squall the Hedgehog(A Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda crossover)

5.Xia the Hedgehog(A mage with increadible magical powers)

6.Gabranth the Hedgehog(The lord of darkness who fused with Star)

7.Yevon the Mad One(The crazy hedgehog that tried to destroy all existence)

My Character's Quotes

1. Time is but a window, death is but a door, I'll be back.- Vuxo to the party after his defeat.

2. I told you, victory was my destiny.-Vuxo to the party after phase 1.

3.How is the will to live this powerful?-Yevon after losing at the final battle.

Things I Like

1.Smash Bros (melee, brawl and 4)

2.Sonic games (unleashed and colors)

3.Mario games (64 and Sunshine)

4.Pokemon (Gen.1 and 4)

5.Transformers (Optimus Prime, Unicron, and Megatron)

6.Death Battles (Godzilla, Superman, Batman, Sonic, Link, Shao Kahn, and Iron Man)

7.Role-Playing Games (Final Fantasy in particular)

8.Skyrim (FUS RO DAH)

9.Batman (Arkham Asylum, City, Origins, and Knight)

10.Legend of Zelda games (Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time)

11.Ninjas. (Those SKILLS.)

12.Perfect Dark. (My first shooting game I played, I still play it, which is an achievement because it was on the Nintendo 64.)

13.Minecraft (I just like to create things.)

14.My Xbox 360. (Still runs from 2006 to now.)

15.One Winged Angel (SEPHIROTH)

16.Dancing Mad (Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)

17.The Mad One Winged Angel Dancing (KEFKAROTH)

Things I Don't Like

1. Jerks

2.Trolls(Internet variety)

3.Marth from Fire Emblem(He's always killing me in Smash Bros.)

4.Yo mamma jokes

5.Cheap Bosses(Ever fight Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy 8?)

6.Diffcult puzzles(Ever play Tomb Raider?)

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