Age 13 years
Gender Male
Real Name Dakota Rodriguez
Description*Dark Brown Hair
*Dark Brown Eyes
Height 5'04
Weight 100lbs
Nicknames *Cody
*Dig(Pronounced Didge)
*Little Elf Pixie Thingy
*ROFLMAOOLWMMIWWIAD(Rolling on floor laughing my ass off out lout while my mom wonders what I am doing)
Romantic Interests Leanne... but nobody here would know who that is, hmm?
Hobbies *Soccer
*Being unbelievably bored...

Status: Offline

Dakota "Cody" Rodriguez a.k.a. DigiKatana has spent his life without anything more exciting than having a tornado two miles away from his house happen. He spends his day sitting in his seat at school drawing instead of actually doing work, which he finishes when his sketchbook gets taken up. He is an Otaku who can't help but ignore the people that call him a nerd at school. He has never been in a fight due to his small build, though he has been punched twice this year. He hates sitting still unless he's drawing manga or sitting in front of the computer screen while his brain slowly dissolves(for the better, he thinks).

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