aka Dessie or Banana Bunneh

  • I was born on March 8
  • My occupation is Feesh Slapping
  • I am Female

Been on SFW a year officially!

500 edits! I'm getting there! After deleting some of my pages, I finally got back up to 400 edits! Phew! 

300 edits and more to come!

Hi I'm DestinyHeart, but most people call me Destiny. If you ever have any requests or want to do an art trade just tell me on my talk page. I have been on for only a couple months, but I am loving it! If you ever want to chat about anything just ask me on my talk page! Got any tips? They are highly appreciated. Post em in my talk page. I am also on the chat all the time so visit me there to ask questions as well! I am not a very hard person to get along with and become friends with! Just chatting and doing talkplays may get you on my friend list! Thank you!

Icon: Channah the Bunny

(Formally BananaPop1)

My Favorites

Color: Purple

Food:  Bananas

Game: Poke'mon and Minecraft

Book: The Maze Runner

Movie: The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies

Sonic Character: Cream 

Shippings: Tails and Cream


Online/Offline: Online-ish

Currently on the Wiki: Editing pages

Eating: Jellybeans

Drawing: More and more charcters

Mood: Happy

Sneak Peeks: None at the moment.

Thoughts: Wanting to get on Skype really bad. >O<


====Likes ====

  • Sugar
  • Pink
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Book
  • Animals
  • Drawing
  • Poke' mon


  • War
  • Evil Purposes
  • Grey
  • Technical Difficulties
  • Cramps
  • Illness
  • Boredom
  • We someone keeps asking if there request is done. (You have been warned! By the way just check the status below

Mini Biography

  • I was born on March, 8.
  • I have a dog named Bear.
  • I love the mountains and plan on living in Brekenridge when I am older.
  • My best friends are Sydeny and Sarah(Spop and someone not on any wiki...)
  • I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and hanging out with my friends the most.
  • I have my mom's first name as my middle name.
  • I have loved Sonic and Amy for as long as I can remember!

Requests/Art Trades

I take requests to hand draw for you. Just tell me if you want it to be a female or a male, what kind of animal it is, and what it's name is. I will try to have it ready within two or three days. Also if possible give me a link to the charecter. When you post my pictures, however, please give credit. I can do: Chao and Sonic Characters

Requests are: OPEN

I personally like art trades better, but I am totally willing to requests for any of my good buddies out there! I mean I love drawing! Escpecially for my SFW friends! uwu

Art Trades are: OPEN


Bold Italics: Closest Friends

Bold: Friends

SPop120 (Spop or Soda)

  • She has been my friend since 5th grade and has helped me in many different situations. She also does many requests for me and is a great lovable person. I can tell her everything  and she is always there to comfort me through hard times and constantly is telling I am amazing. She is also my BFF and closet friend on the wiki because I can trust her with anything.

True Lycalo (Twi)

  • He has welcomed me into this site with open arms and encourages me to do my best. He also makes me laugh and is an awesome roleplayer. He is a taleted author and agreat friend on the wiki.

Monk the Cat (Monk)

  • He is a smart and talented roleplayer. He also has been very nice to me and is fun to chat with. He is one of the nicest guys I have met on here. He is a great and confident leader. We like to tp and play minecraft together making him a close friend as well.


  • I tp with him often and enjoy reading about his characters too. He is also a great roleplayer/author. We also have fun chats with Spop, Twi, and Monk on the tp wiki. He has fantastic stories and our tps are very fun. He is most defintley on my close friends list because of his kindness.


  • He is a great artist. (whispers) Bettter than me. Also a great friend to chat with andtalk about well "stuff"!


  • Fun to rp and tp with! We also like to mess around and have really fun times together like stealing each other's food and feesh on chat. This buddy is not a close friend he is a feesh slapping friend!!! Which is epicness. Don't question it. We also tp and have a fun time while messing around. He is also a close friend as well.


  • She's an amazing and fun person. She's constantly giving me advice and is always helping me out. She is always really helpful and fun. I consider her a close friend who is very smart and helpful.


  • She is a great artist and a sweet person. We tp and chat sometimes. She sometimes gives me art tips tht are really helpful! I also do art trades with her. She is a great friend indeed.

Other people I might consider as friends, but they might not consider me as a friend back:

  • Crymson Shockwave
  • TheSkullWolf
  • HauntedPhantom
  • Zion
  • Teddie
  • Kenas

(Do not edit this list! If you are not on here don't freak out. Due to laziness and forgetfullness I may have forgotten to add you. Just let me know if I haven't added you and I will decide if you needed to be addded on here or not.)

My Characters


Bold = Characters used more often in tp's and rp's.

Unfinished = A work in progress page.

Finished = The basic's of the page are done and ready for view.



  • Darth the Wolf (Unfinished...)
  • Whisteris the Witchcat 
  • Fang the Wolf
  • Kate the Demon
  • Jaturn the Lycalo
  • Jade the Arctic Hare


  • Carlina the Panda
  • Hollystar the Bobcat
  • Bubbles the Oshawott
  • Mia the Mouse
  • Isabelle the Skyloudaki
  • Carrie the Horse
  • Marshall the Fennec Fox


  • Dagger the Hawk
  • Whizer the Bobcat
  • Kili the Mermaid
  • Akio the Echidna


  • Ash the Angelcat
  • Sly the Cheetah
  • ??? the Brown Wolf


(Let me know if I'm missing any.)

  • Madosi (Maggie and Ravdosi)
  • Charames (Charlotte and Flames)


 Free To Join

  • None

Certain Charecter Requirments

  • None

Invites Only 

  • None



I will post any art I get from other users here! Enjoy their wonderful art! All credit to the orignal artists.

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