aka Jenny

  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is Licensed Freeloader
  • I am Female

Sup guys, I'm just a metal fan with british ancestors, who just so happened to be on the internet one day when someone introduced this website to me.

Some things to know about me

  • I take no prisoners
  • I take no chances
  • I get paranoid about everything
  • Don't try to make sense of what I do.
  • I have the tendancy to mess up a lot.

Things I can do for you

  • Draw you some things
  • Art Trade (It might take me a long time to draw though)
  • Sprite your characters (to an extent, I'm still learning my way around the spriting universe.)
  • Point out flaws in your characters
  • Be in your roleplays
  • Adopt your characters
  • Help you make characters

Things you can do for me

  • Judge my Characters (I'm always looking for improvement)
  • Add on to my continuity (Ask me about it first in my talk page)
  • Don't yell at me if I make mistakes while RPing (I make them a lot)
  • Don't edit my articles.
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