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Wendy Calero (Japanese: ウェンディ キャレロ U~endi Kyarero) is the best friend of Nikki and Alexis. She is a recurring protagonist in the Doemstic Radical Adventures Series. She also shares a close bond with Alyssa the Dog. She is the older sister of Emma Calero.
Wendy Calero

Wendy Calero


Full Name: Wendelle "Wendy" Patricia Fantina Calero

Age: 15-17

Sex: Female

Species: Human

DOB: October 22, 1996

Occupation: Lady, Restaurant Model

Creator: Pianoteen

Lives in: Olivine City, Johto

Hair Color: Red

Skin Color: Peach

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Nationallity: English-French American

Voiced by: Jaine Haddad



Wendy wears hear hair in pig tails with three bangs on the left side of her head. She has tiny blue bows to hold the hair. She also wears a light blue collar and matching ruffles. Her shirt is light blue and has whtie stripes on it. Below is another white skirt, followed by a teal skirt and green skirt. Her shoes match her shirt being light blue. Her look is strangely similar to the Wendy's Chick.


Wendy is a nice girl. She seems to be happy to be a chef and likes to encourage people to make their dreams come true. Formerly she was a cheerleader, and also was Emma's personal coach. But she quit. She tries to make food for her family which made her so popular. Her bond between Alyssa is fabulous.



Wendy as of now is Sophomore, two years ago, when she attended Evergreen Middle School. She was there at the inccident of Roy picking on Louis. She prevented Patricia from going anywhere near her. She found out about King Dominick walking in and killing Roy. Patricia was struggling to let go and she let go of her, but she crashed, but purposly wanted to commit suicide. Although she was suspended along with her friends for a week, she was a school hero.
My Wendy's!

Wendy's Logo

Project: Restaurant

In 8th Grade for Evergreen Middle School, the students of Wendy's Class was to help the community. She decided to build her own restarant. She named it "Wendy's". She wants to invite her friends. According to Nikki, Alexis and her other classmates, it was by far the best food they have ever tasted. Sooner or later, stores opened around the world. However, one day, it opened in Mobius. Wendy's young sister, Emma is visiting there and got her food for free according to the sign. "Go to Sonyville High School, or friend my amazing young sister, Emma Calero to get my food FREE!"

Friending a Marialan

One day, Wendy vacationed to Mariala City in the world of Animorph. She has ran into a young girl. She said her name was Alyssa, but Wendy already knew. She was so proud to see her that the dog's eyes dazzled. She was going to first take Wendy to her own Wendy's. Of course since she can trust a little girl she got food for free.
Wendy and Alyssa

Wendy and Alyssa are best friends for life.

Interestingly enough the second place they went to is Mariala Central Park. They hung out and had a little lunch with her at the park. She even asked Wendy to play on the swings. Alyssa knew that she wanted Wendy to enjoy her. Wendy was invited by Alyssa to see her dad, which turned out to be the Mayor of Mariala City.

She has meet Alyssa's mother, Vanilla and her father Bob. Alyssa wanted to show Wendy her sister, Cream, but she forgot that she was on vacation with Emma in Mobius Town. Wendy was invited to stay for one whole luxurious week at Alyssa's house.

Later on that week, Cream has came home. Unfortunately, Emma is home but Wendy finally meet Cream. As energetic as can be she was so excited to meet the girl from her favorite restuarant. She was begging, "Wendy take me to Wendy's!" chantting it and that's when she took Cream out to her own store.

Later that day, Alyssa came. She asked to once again go to the park but this time, have a deep vivid playtime and conversations. Both have spent the whole day together as if they were supposed to be sisters. They talked about how much fun they are going to have, the shapes of the clouds, and even all of her adventures with Sonic and Alexis.

However, that was the last day they were going to see each other for quite a while. She had to pack her things and return to Olivine City, or even on the road. So Wendy said a thankful goodbye to Vanilla and Bob, Cream, and most of all, she hugged Alyssa goodbye. After a few seconds, she was gone.


  • Wendy's look is very, very similar to the Wendy's Girl's

    Comparing Wendy Calero to the Wendy's Chick

  • Wendy is the second character to be beautiful by wearing pig-tails, the first being Nurse Joy.
  • Wendy's Birthday shares Wendy's Anniversary
  • Wendy is the second character to be based off of a famous person. The first being Madonna.
  • Wendy's real name is Wendelle when the name Wendy is a full name.
  • Instead of her bows facing vertically, they face horizontally.
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