Evan the Deer is a character created by Darkest Shadow. He is a model working at Project Maserati.

General Info

Evan Miguel Sheed is a twenty year old deer from Alexander, Neutrogena, He was famous well before he got a job as a model. He was actually quite the jock, a three-sport athlete, playing soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. He is one of the people in the country to score 1000 points in their freshman year, making him very famous in his area.

Evan didn't get to go to college because he was called down to New Oreal City his sophomore year. They let him graduate six months early to fly down to New Oreal City, they need him that much. This bummed him out because he couldn't play basketball in the pro-league, however, his life was completely twisted upside down from the sucess he got as a model.


Evan is a typical jock type of kid;cocky, narcassistic and full of himself. He's slightly stubborn but he knows when he goes too far. He well aware he's a basketball legend, and doesn't hesitate to talk or brag about it to people.

Like a typical person his age, Evan is always on the hunt looking for a girlfriend. Almost his entire school had a crush on him when he went there, however, he only dated a handfew of people there.

Physical Appearance

Evan is a handsome deer, standing at 3'10 and weighing 115 lbs.

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