aka HardRoar

  • I live in Classified
  • My occupation is Music Artist and Producer
  • I am Male

Hey, I'm DUBSTEPxSonic (Dub, DXS, Dubstep, HardRoar, whatever you like to call me.). I am a Sonic Fan and a Music Producer (As a hobby). I Play Video Games and Fail at FPS games like CoD or Battlefield. I am usually a nice guy, with bad jokes. However, I can get quite angered for no reason which I am trying to avoid. (I'm sorry If that happens, I really don't Think before I act which i do have a problem with...)

I have been a sonic fan for nearly 4 years. I am also the Creator of Ion the Hedgehog.

Edit: Sonic fan About 5 years and counting!

People I have Met.


  • Julia Finitevus
  • Reens the Hedgehog
  • Lunari64
  • (Any one who has hung out with me before)

PID (People I Dislike)

No one that I know of...


Everyone else that's not listed as a friend... or foe. (Please don't Punch me)


Wiki Status: Semi-Active (Only been Checking on things occasionally)

DA Status: Active

Xbox Live Status: Semi-Active

Steam Status: Active

PS4 Status: Active


Music I Made

Paradise Sandpark Zone (Loop)
Evil Heart
Arc Fire (FTRs Git Hypr Rmx)
$WAG'd M3ch
$WAG'd M3ch (Burst Mix)
Blackade II
Rocky Quary II
Live it Up (TM2 Edit)
West City x Central City (Sonic X Dragon Ball Nexus Spark)
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