About me

Hey i'm cynder500 but just call me cynder, here's a little about me\

I am obssessed with guns love em and will slways support them and if I ever give some insight on weapons or weaponology... presume its true lol. I'm not usually online with school and what not but if I am then kewl. I usually dont get around much on here and probably never will and if you try to bring me in a fight I won't respond capisce.To anyone on xbox here I'm Disco Camper don't ask me about the name its my friends clan and I'm only in it cuz I had to save his A$$ in a quickscoping battle lol so yea thats my gamertag.


  • games
  • Sonic
  • Mario
  • Grand theft auto(4)
  • call of Duty(somewhat)
  • friends
  • Battkefield 3
  • airsoft
  • The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


  • People who make fun of my friends
  • Halo(I'm in between about it )
  • Chris Thorndyke
  • thats all

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